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PROLOG | PERSÖNLICHES (Interview in englischer Sprache) ORLAN, imagine if the pandemic did not dominate our lives at the moment and we could meet in your home or in your studio. Where do we talk together? Maybe we are sitting at your favorite place? I WOULD BE AT MY USUAL DESK WITH MY LAPTOP AND MY PIECES AROUND ME SURROUNDED WITH A BIG VIDEO SCREEN SHOWING “BUMPLOAD: MEMENTO MORI”, MY CAMERA AND MY RING LIGHT. Where do you come from, where were you born when? I WAS BORN IN THE WORLD, IN EUROPE, IN FRANCE, IN THE LOIRE How and where do you currently live and work? I live and work in Paris, in a studio that allows me to create and receive collectors. BUT USUALLY I LIVE AROUND THE WORLD, WHEN THERE IS NO CORONA VIRUS. NEW YORK AND LOS ANGELES HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART Which stations and people have shaped you? HERBERT BAYER, LA VICTOIRE DE SAMOTHRACE, BERNINI, NIETZSCHE, Deleuze and Gathari,… Which writers do you currently find exciting and which books are on your bookshelf? I HAVE THOUSAND OF BOOKS, CURRENTLY I AM READING DAMASIO, “ANOMALIE” FROM HERVE LE TELLIER, AMELIE NOTHOMB LES AEROSTAS, GENEVIEVE FRAISSE, SIMONE VEIL L’AUBE A BIRKENAU by David Teboul. Which books have influenced or shaped you? DE L’INCONVENIEN D’ETRE NÉ OF CIORAN AND LE DEUXIEME SEXE OF SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR, What are you currently reading and where do you keep the book? I am currently reading my own autobiography: “ORLAN STRIP-TEASE: ALL ON MY LIFE, ALL ON MY ART”. I WROTE IT DURING THE FIRST…

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Bildunterschrift: ORLAN, Portrait © STUDIO ORLAN


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