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Nicola Samorì

Prologue | Nicola, let’s suppose the restriction in traveling would not exist and we could now meet at your studio. Please describe the local situation and the atmosphere. I live in a parish oratory dated 1548. It turned into a silent movie theatre in 1913 and lastly a printing press. In 2007 it became my studio. It has a big nave of 7,5 metres of height where Moorish, Gothic, Doric, Liberty and Modernist elements coexist. The studio is in the historical centre of a small town – Bagnacavallo – 20 km away from the Byzantine city of Ravenna. It is a plain land of orchards, fog and mosquitoes. Maybe we are sitting at your favorite place.In my studio there are only a few, uncomfortable chairs. I do not like to rest at work and in order not to fall into temptation all around me is uncomfortable. Very likely we would stand. Where do you come from, where were you born when? I was born in Forlì (25 km from my hometown) on May 13th 1977. My parents are farm workers and I lived in the countryside until my 25th birthday. How and where do you currently live and work? I work in the place I already described. I sleep and eat in the same building together with my partner (kitchen and bedroom are quite uncomfortable, too, but far tidier than the studio). Which stations and people have shaped you? The closeness to the rituals of the farmers in the beginning, the visits to the museums after and, lastly, the luck of meeting great collectors, art dealers and colleagues. Which authors and books can be found on your bookshelf, which books have influenced or shaped you? What are you currently reading and where is the book now lying at hand? Countless art books and a good deal of essays. Very few novels.I read The Life of Michelangelo when I was eleven, it marked me deeply.Currently I am reading the last book by …

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Bildunterschrift: Nicola Samorì, Foto: Riccardo Piccirillo


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