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Marcius Galan

Prologue | Marcius, let’s act as if we had normal times and would sit together now in your studio. Please describe the location and the atmosphere. My studio is on the second floor of a building with a discreet entrance in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília, close to downtown São Paulo. I have two rooms, which are large and have no divisions. On one side are my projects, drawings and other painting, assembly and carpentry. I have a record player and I am now listening to the album “A Tábua de esmeraldas” by Jorge Ben Jor. Where do you come from, where were you born when? I was born in the US, in Indianapolis, in 1972 but my parents are Brazilians. I was just born and soon returned to Brazil at 6 months and grew up in Bauru, a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo. I left Bauru to leave in Rio de Janeiro when I was 18 years old. Where do you currently live and work? Now I live and work in São Paulo. Which authors and books can be found on your bookshelf? Which books have influenced or shaped you and what are you currently reading? On my bookshelf I can find brazilian literature, argentineans like Julio Cortazar Silvina Ocamo, Bioy Casares and Borges, I really like the Chilean Roberto Bolaño, art and architecture books, culinary recipes. I have reread the Faulkner ‘Sound and Fury”, which is wonderful and the last sentence of the book titled my exhibition in Berlin … “they endured”. I am now reading Macunaíma, by Mario de Andrade, from 1928, which is considered one of the main Brazilian modernist novels. What music do you listen to and when? I like listening to music doing dishes, dancing with my kids and walking with headphones. I’ve heard a lot, but I can highlight Tom Zé, Nick Cave, Nina Simone, Jorge Ben, Jorge Mautner, Cat Power, Patti Smith, Fiona Apple, Itamar Assumpção. If you would cook something for us, what would it be? What do you like to eat most? I really like to make roasted vegetables with cous-cous and tahini or a polenta with ragu. What do you think about breakfast? I spend a lot of time at breakfast, every day.  The breakfast for me is more about this time I spend talking at the table. In Brazilian Portuguese we don’t have …

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Bildunterschrift: Portrait Marcius Galan, Courtesy the artist


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