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Welcome to ARTatBerlin.com, the Galleries Guide and Gallery Map for Exhibitions in Berlin Discover Berlin galleries, artists, studios, art collections, museums and many other places for the visual arts in Berlin. With the ART Location Map, you will quickly find the gallery, museum or cultural institute you would like to visit, and can plan the route directly from your location.  Current dates of opening and closing nights, art events and art fairs in Berlin are only a click away. Get to know Berlin artists and discover more about their artistic positions. Have fun discovering and enjoying art in Berlin – with ARTatBerlin.


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You can visit numerous impressive artistic masterpieces from all eras in Berlin’s museums. But where exactly will you find works by Albrecht Dürer, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Sandro Botticelli, Peter Paul Rubens or the world-famous Nefertiti? We will introduce you to the most impressive artistic masterpieces in Berlin. And can lead you to the respective museum with only one click. So that you can personally experience and enjoy your favourite masterpiece live.

  • Claude Monet – L’Ete

    `When the sky and the landscape melt in the shimmering sunlight, summer’s there`, that’s what one could think while looking at the painting “L’Ete” by Claude Monet. Our glance glides across a cornfield or meadow, where a woman is sitting at the front in the shade. An umbrella is lying next to her. The grass […]

  • Auguste Renoir – En Été

    Lise, Renoir’s lover from 1865 until 1871, is sitting in a relaxed position on a chair. Her long, dark hair is tied back with a red ribbon. Her curls fall down to her shoulders and arms. Her short sleeved white blouse has slipped off of her right shoulder. Her left hand is holding her right […]

  • Edouard Manet – Dans la Serre

    The elegantly dressed Madame Guillemet is sitting in a pigeon blue coloured dress on a dark blue bench in a winter garden, with lush, green plants. She’s wearing a light yellow hat, with gloves that match the colour of the dress. She’s holding a light yellow umbrella in her right hand, that’s laying on her […]

  • Carl Gustav Carus – Balcony in Naples

    In 1828 Carl Gustav Carus accompanied the painter and doctor, Prince Friedrich August of Saxony on a journey to Italy. Nowadays, with the help of Carl Gustav Carus’s diary, one can still enjoy Carus’s excitement upon arrival in Nepal on May 4th: “An old, richly dressed, German chamberlain shows everyone to their already prepared room. […]

  • Georg Flegel – Spanish Iris, wind and cherries

    Georg Flegel, born in 1566 in Olmütz, the historic centre of Moravia up to the 17th century in today’s Czech Republic, died on 23rd March 1638 in Frankfurt am Main. Flegel was an important representative of still life art in the early 17th century, a period during which still life was becoming increasingly manifest as an independent motif. […]


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