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The art and culture newspaper from and for Berlin.

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Enjoy Berlin´s ART SPACES until

Gallery Weekend 2021 - 30. April - 02. May

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DEEDS.NEWS - News and interesting facts about art from Berlin


Artists, gallerists and curators, who exhibit in Berlin galleries or live in this city, in the interview IN|DEEDS on www.DEEDS.WORLD.

  • Marcius Galan

    Prologue | Marcius, let’s act as if we had normal times and would sit together now in your studio. Please describe the location and the atmosphere. My studio is on the second floor of a building with a discreet entrance in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília, close to downtown São Paulo. I have two rooms, which […]

  • Maike Freess

    Prolog | Maike, wenn wir uns zu diesem Interview, das wir beide schriftlich geführt haben, persönlich hätten treffen können, wo würden wir dann jetzt miteinander sprechen? Wir treffen uns in meinem Atelier, in einem modern ausgebauten Fabrikgebäude in Berlin. Das Haus steht in zweiter Reihe zur Straße und ist mit einem Garten in recht ruhiger und […]

  • Ron Miller

    Prologue (please note the Epilogue in English language) Ron Miller ist das Berliner Artist Duo Marcus Klüh und Ronny Kindt. Marcus und Ronny, stellt Euch vor, wir würden uns zu diesem Interview persönlich treffen. Wo sprechen wir zusammen? Wir sitzen in unserem kleinen, aber feinen Atelier in den Heynhöfen, einem gewerblichen Hof-Ensemble für die Kreativwirtschaft […]

  • Mary Ellen Bartley

    Prolog | Mary Ellen, imagine Corona would not determine the current situation and you would welcome us in your home or studio. Where do we speak together? My home and studio are in a wooden house built by a whaling captain for his daughter in 1833. The walls are a bit crooked and the wide wooden floor boards […]

ART@Berlin introduces


Special exhibitions in museums

which are currently or in the near future to be seen in Berlin.

Exhibitions you should have seen

360 ° panoramas of exhibitions shown in galleries in Berlin. Visit the exhibition now virtually.

Ilna Ewers-Wunderwald | Blackbox #6 | 28.02.-16.06.2019 Bröhan Museum

ART at Berlin - Exhibition Special in 360 Grad Brohan-Museum-Elisabeth-Wunderwald
To the EXHIBITION Special in 360°

Julius Bobke | Rhythm of the Staple Gun | Gallery Visit – Galerie Martin Mertens

ART at Berlin - Julius-Bobke-Rhythm-of-the-Staple-Gun-Galerie-Martin-Mertens 360 Grad Gallery Visit
To the GALLERY VISIT in 360°

360° Touren – click here

GALLERY VISITS 360°                 EXHIBITION Specials 360°                 ART SQUARES Specials 360°                  STUDIO VISITS 360°


Are you showing an exhibition or do you know of one that should not be withheld from our art-loving visitors? And you think that this exhibition should be immortalized as a 360° tour? Then you are welcome to contact us: post@artatberlin.com.

Photo exhibitions in galleries

which are currently or in the near future to be seen in Berlin.

Exhibitions painting, sculpture,
drawing, … in galleries

which are currently or in the near future to be seen in Berlin.

Selected exhibitions

that are currently or in the near future available in Berlin

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Masterpieces in Berlin

You can visit numerous impressive artistic masterpieces from all eras in Berlin’s museums. But where exactly will you find works by Albrecht Dürer, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Sandro Botticelli, Peter Paul Rubens or the world-famous Nefertiti? We will introduce you to the most impressive artistic masterpieces in Berlin. And can lead you to the respective museum with only one click. So that you can personally experience and enjoy your favourite masterpiece live. This way to the Masterpieces in Berlin Museums.

Selected Masterpieces

  • Sandro Botticelli – Madonna with Child

    Thanks to Count Atanasius Raczynski one is able to marvel at “Madonna with Child” and eight singing angels by Sandro Botticelli in Berlin. In 1824 he bought the art piece for 2500 francs (for his collection in his art gallery at his palace). A not so well known fact is that his palace was situated […]

  • Adolph Menzel – Flute concert in Sanssouci

    Adolph Menzel grants us a detailed insight of a cultural evening at the court of Friedrich the Great in the palace Sanssouci. Music is being played. The king himself is playing the flute. He is standing in the centre of the picture. To the right his chamber ensemble and to the left an audience of […]

  • Jan Vermeer (van Delft) – Man and Woman drinking Wine

    The glance falls into a room that is furnished with a table, a bench and two chairs. The table is covered in an expensive manufactured table cloth. A painting in a gold frame is hanging on the wall. A woman dressed in a fancy red dress is sitting on a chair opposite the window. The […]

  • Caravaggio – Cupid as Victor

    Caravaggio is said to be the master of light and shade like how his piece “Amor vincit Omnia” or “Cupid as victor” undoubtedly proves. The specific focus was on the use of light and shade causing the painting to seem plastic, showing a naked and winged cupid embodied by a young boy. His pose is […]

  • Rembrandt van Rijn – Man in a Gold Helmet – from the circle around

    In 1897, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museums-Verein, a sponsor of the Gemäldegalerie Berlin, purchased the masterpiece “Man in a Gold Helmet” as an original work by Rembrandt. Less than 100 years later, in the 1970s, it came to light as part of the “Rembrandt Research Project” initiated in 1968 that the painting was created by someone close to […]


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