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What drives us?

We love art. Art is a universal language that transcends cultures, a mirror of what is and what could be, an immanent expression of human existence. Art can change our society for the better. ART@Berlin is intended to become THE art portal for Berlin. A platform for current exhibitions in Berlin galleries and institutions as well as an archive for past exhibitions. A platform for presenting the work of young and established galleries, young and established artists and the art museum landscape in Berlin.

What does Art@Berlin want?

Art@Berlin wants to inform all art-lovers about the work of Berliner galleries, artists, culture institutes and museums. We also want to contribute to empowering Berlin to be an art metropolis. We want to help support the art market in Berlin against the international competition. That is why one of our most crucial goals is to make the presentation and advertisement on Art@Berlin affordable for every artist. Since only then can you create a comprehensive picture of contemporary culture landscape and artistic potential, regardless of how heavy your purse is. At Art@Berlin we want to help everybody, who lives for or from art, to strengthen their financial state that they need to create.

What can ARTatBerlin do for me as a gallerist?

ARTatBerlin provides information for those interested in art about your art exhibitions in Berlin. The diversity of art, its presentation and staging in the capital is overwhelming. Up to 2,000 exhibitions take place every year in Berlin.

From Berlin galleries, open studios, art collections, cultural institutions and museums to artists, art lovers will find everything they need to know about the culture scene and its events on ARTatBerlin.

One of the main features of ARTatBerlin consists of special exhibition dates at Berlin galleries such as yours, what visitors can expect to find and even the fastest way to reach your gallery from their current location.