here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

Günther Förg + Julian Lethbridge | BALLAD OF A THIN MAN | Contemporary Fine Arts | 23.03.-20.04.2019

until 20.04. | #2410ARTatBerlin | Contemporary Fine Arts shows from 23rd March 2019 the exhibition BALLAD OF A THIN MAN by the artists Günther Förg and Julian Lethbridge. Günther Förg (1952-2013) and Julian Lethbridge (*1947) come from two worlds – Förg working and teaching at the University in Karlsruhe and later at the Academy in Munich, Lethbridge painting […]

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Pia Krajewski + Irina Ojovan | COME CLOSE + STEP BACK | Künstlerhaus Bethanien | 10.04.-05.05.2019

until 06.05. | #2409ARTatBerlin | Künstlerhaus Bethanien shows from 10th April 2019 the joint exhibition COME CLOSE & STEP BACK of the 2018/19 Winsor & Newton fellows Pia Krajewski and Irina Ojovan. The exhibition is curated by Jurriaan Benschop. Ondulating hair styles, meandering endless arms, vases and jugs as protagonists of a pleasurable puzzle game […]

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A UTOPIAN STAGE | SAVVY Contemporary | 24.03.–27.04.2019

until 27.04. | #2408ARTatBerlin | SAVVY Contemporary shows from 24th March 2019 the exhibition A UTOPIAN STAGE, an exhibition about the Festival of Arts, Shiraz-Persepolis (1967–1977) curated by Vali Mahlouji / Archaeology of the Final Decade, in the framework of the MaerzMusik–Festival für Zeitfragen. We cordially invite you to our next cooperation with MaerzMusik – […]

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Stan Brakhage + David Kamp | Schinkel Pavillon | 09.02.–24.03.2019

until 24.03. | #2407ARTatBerlin | Schinkel Pavillon is showing until 24 March 2019 the exhibition The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes by the artists Stan Brakhage and David Kamp, curated by Ed Atkins. Taking its title from the notorious 1971 film by Stan Brakhage, The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes is an exhibition about […]

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Julius Bissier, Fred Eerdekens, Karl Otto Götz, YuichI Inoue + Shiryi Morita | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery | 28.03.-11.05.2019

until 11.05. | #2405ARTatBerlin | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery presents from 28th March 2019 for the for the 1st year anniversary of the gallery the exhibition “Abstract Writing”. This special exhibition brings together renowned artists from Asia and Europe: Julius Bissier, Fred Eerdekens, Karl Otto Götz, Yuichi Inoue and Shiryu Morita. Bermel von Luxburg Gallery […]

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BEYOND | me Collectors Room | 10.04.-18.08.2019

until 18.08. | #2401ARTatBerlin | me Collectors Room Berlin presents from 10th April 2019 the exhibition BEYOND with seven international artistic positions from the Olbricht Collection, who use their respective art forms to explore the subject of the afterlife. Each artist fills a separate space with art in their chosen media, ranging from painting, sculpture, […]

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From the Lab to the Studio – Neue Technologien und Materialien in der Kunst | Galerie Eigenheim | 16.03.-28.04.2019

until 28.04. | #2397ARTatBerlin | Galerie Eigenheim presents from 16th March 2019 the group exhibition “From the Lab to the Studio – New Technologies and Materials in Art” with works by 14 artists. In 2019, EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin is the official showcase of the Bauhaus University Weimar for the 100th anniversary of the BAUHAUS. Various exhibitions […]

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Johannes Regin + Aja von Loeper | Galerie Inga Kondeyne – Raum für Zeichnung | 22.03.-04.05.2019

until 04.05. | #2394ARTatBerlin| Galerie Inga Kondeyne – Raum für Zeichnung shows from 22. March 2019 an exhibition by the artists Johannes Regin and Aja von Loeper. Johannes Regin provokes our vision with drawings that are often not perceptible at first glance. His works invite us to take a close look and to look through […]

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Bianca Regl + Sofie Bird Møller | FORMS OF INNOCENCE | ALEXANDER OCHS PRIVATE | 22.03.-20.04.2019

until 20.04. | #2389ARTatBerlin | ALEXANDER OCHS PRIVATE presents from 22. March 2019 the exhibition FORMS OF INNOCENCE with artworks by Bianca Regl and Sofie Bird Møller. The author Amy Sillman quotes the philosopher Walter Benjamin in her article ‘On Color’ as ‘color is a powerful form of innocence that can subvert the logic of […]

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Juliette Mahieux Bartoli + Athar Jaber | NONSEQUITUR | Kristin Hjellegjerde Berlin | 13.03.-20.04.2019

until 20.04. | #2387ARTatBerlin | Kristin Hjellegjerde Berlin exhibits from 13th March 2019 the exhibition NONSEQUITUR by the artists Juliette Mahieux Bartoli (painting) and Athar Jaber (Sculpture). Louise Thomas is presented in the Discovery Room of the gallery. Fragmented, warped and isolated body parts unite the artistic practises of Juliette Mahieux Bartoli and Athar Jaber […]

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