here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

Maria Concetta Cassarà | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 20.09.-26.10.2019

until 26.10. | #2575ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin shows from 20 September 2019 an exhibition with artworks by the arist Maria Concetta Cassarà. Galerie ART CRU Berlin shows pictures of the autodidact Maria Concetta Cassarà (born 1932, Mirto, Sicily), who died 2018 in Bologna. The artist came to painting late. After a life as […]

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A DREAM – WHAT ELSE | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 02.08.–31.08.2019

until 31.08. | #2527ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin presents from 2nd August 2019 the exhibition A DREAM – WHAT ELSE with works by 12 artists from the Offenes Atelier St. Hedwig, Berlin and the Project Ability, Glasgow. Gallery ART CRU Berlin shows works of the intercultural exhibition project between the Offenes Atelier (> Open […]

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Melanie Woste | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 24.05.-29.06.2019

until 29.06. | #2476ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin shows from 24th May 2019 the exhibition with works by the artist Melanie Woste. ART CRU Berlin shows objects made of cardboard by Melanie Woste (born 1983, Münster), next to pictures and collages. In her first solo exhibition in Berlin, the Lippstadt-based Aktion-Kunst prizewinner and member […]

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Hans Krüsi | From Orphan to Genius | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 06.04.-11.05.2019

until 11.05. | #2417ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin presents from 6th April 2019 the exhibition FROM ORPHAN TO GENIUS with works by the Swiss artist Hans Krüsi. Gallery ART CRU Berlin and Kunstmuseum Thurgau are exhibiting around 30 works by Hans Krüsi (1920-1995). They have been selected to provide a comprehensive overview of his rich […]

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Günter Neupel | Painting | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 08.02.-16.03.2019

until 16.03. | #2339ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin presents from 8th February 2019 an exhibition with paintings by the artist Günter Neupel. Galerie ART CRU Berlin is exhibiting works by Günter Neupel. Between drawing and painting, between fairy tale and myth, the artist has developed his own visual language. His pictures tell stories that seemingly […]

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Rudi M. Bodmeier | INNOCENCE | Galerie ART CRU | 23.11.2018–12.01.2019

until 12.01. | #2261ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin shows from 23rd November 2018 the exhibition INNOCENCE with figurines by the artist Rudi M. Bodmeier from the studio Augustinum in Munich. Oberschwester Eva-Maria Salat Steckrübe,  Farbstift/Fineliner auf Karton, 92 x 41 cm He combines elements from the animal, plant and thing world with drastic exaggeration to bizarre […]

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CHAMELEONIC | 10th Anniversary Exhibition | Galerie ART CRU | 14.09.-27.10.2018

until 27.10. | #2205ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin shows from 14th September 2018 in the framework of the 10th anniversary of the gallery artworks by Peter Pankow, Betty Feix, Christo Lufundiso Luanza and Melanie Edwards. Peter Pankow (*1968) works in the Thikwa Workshop for Theater and Art. Its baroque painterly feel, at first glance, thanks […]

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Erhard Post + Marion Gamerschlag | A WILD BEATING HEART | ART CRU | 03.08-01.09.2018

until 01.09. | #2110ARTatBerlin | Gallery ART CRU Berlin shows from 3rd August 2018 the exhibition A WILD BEATING HEART with works by Erhard Post and Marion Gamerschlag. Erhard Post, Rotes Tier, 2018, Ölkreide auf Papier, 50 x 70 Erhard Post’s powerful drawings enable the viewer to engage with the artist’s world of life and thought. […]

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