In the art newspaper DEEDS.NEWS – The Art Newspaper from Berlin, published by ART@Berlin, you will find the most important exhibitions in Berlin in the respective publication period. In addition, interesting exhibition descriptions, exclusive artist interviews and gallery presentations. Supplemented by art-related topics such as news and events from the field of performing arts in Berlin as well as special exhibitions in Berlin art museums.

The large ART MAP in the middle section of the newspaper gives you an overview of all the gallery districts in the capital and the location of the galleries. You will find the coordinates and gallery numbers at the exhibition announcements.

DEEDS.NEWS is distributed in Berlin’s galleries and cultural institutions as well as at art fairs. During Gallery Weekend and Berlin Art Week, promoters distribute it directly to art-loving visitors in prominent gallery districts such as Mitte and Tiergarten. Price: “unbezahlbar” priceless.

To accompany the printed edition of DEEDS.NEWS The Art Newspaper from Berlin, we also publish the art newspaper as an online edition. This means that the newspaper can be read online worldwide – regardless of where it is published in Berlin. You can access the issues via this archive:

Art spring/summer | April – August 2022

Art summer | June – August 2021 – Special edition as a part of  the Tagesspiegel

Art autumn | September – November 2020

Art spring/summer | April – August 2020  (postponed to autumn due to Corona)

Art autumn | September – November 2019

Art spring/summer | April – August 2019

Art autumn | September – November 2018

Art spring/summer | April – August 2018

Art autumn | September – November 2017

Art spring/summer | April – August 2017