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drj art projects – dr. julius | ap

drj art projects – dr. julius | ap

drj is a curated art space for contemporary conceptual and minimal art on an international level. An additional focus is architecture and architectural photography.

drj works in the tradition of a curated programme gallery.

From 2020, after a long period of parallel work, the exhibition area dr. julius | ap and the publication and edition division edition ROTE INSEL will be brought together under a common conceptual framework and the abbreviation drj.  In addition, drj develops and creates exhibition projects for institutions and associations. This includes the complete content and all services, from basic scientific research, specific exhibition design, public relations work to the development of high-quality publications. The basis for this is an excellent network of highly qualified experts with whom drj cooperates on a project-by-project basis.

Backdrop of the name
The term drj is the abbreviation of dr. julius | ap, as the exhibition division is still called internally today, forming a logo type. First name and title „Dr. Julius“ refer to the namesake of Leberstrasse in Berlin-Schöneberg:
On this street, Dr. Julius Leber, a representative in the Reichstag and fierce opponent of the Nazi regime, ran a coal business, starting in 1937, after he was released from the concentration camp where he had been imprisoned since 1933. The business also served as a meeting point for members of the German resistance. Denounced shortly before the attempt to assassinate Hitler on July 20, 1944, Leber was executed six months later in Plötzensee. His wife and comrade-in-arms Annedore Leber continued the business in West Berlin after the war, while also founding a press for political literature. With her publications she fought — contrary to the general attitude of the post-war era — against the abdication of individual and societal responsibility for the catastrophe of National Socialism.

The gallery is located on Leberstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Opening hours:
Thursday – Saturday 3:00 – 7:00 pm

Please find all contact information further below.

Douglas Allsop [GB], Carlo Battisti [IT], Hartmut Böhm [DE], Anna-Maria Bogner [AT], Monika Brandmeier [DE], Mandy Cano Villalobos [US], Daniela Comani [IT], Matthew Deleget [US], Stephan Ehrenhofer [AT], Anette Haas [DE], José Heerkens [NL], Gilbert Hsiao [US], Siegfried Kreitner [DE], Anna Kubelík [CH], Ray Malone [IE], Jan van Munster [NL], Astrid Schindler [DE], Regine Schumann [DE], Lucía Simón Medina [ES], Julius, Stahl [DE], Esther Stocker [IT], Don Voisine [US], Jan Maarten Voskuil [NL], Denise Winter [DE], Susan York [US]




Photo: ART@Berlin, Stephanie Schneider

ART at Berlin: Art Gallery in Berlin dr. julius | ap



Leberstraße 60, 10829 Berlin-Schöneberg


52.4819125451, 13.3612475029

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Opening Hours








03:00 - 07:00 p.m.


03:00 - 07:00 p.m.


03:00 - 07:00 p.m.



Appointments for individual visits are welcome at any time by email to info@drj-art-projects.com.

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