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KLEINERVONWIESE is a cooperation between the curator Constanze Kleiner and the art historian Dr. Stephan von Wiese. They try out new ways within the art market and at the same time act autonomously and exhibit in temporary spaces. This objective enables a social orientation, proximity to the current art scene and changing cooperations with both committed companies and progressive public and non-profit institutions. A broad gallery programme with interactive artistic interventions is directed against the impulse of looking away. Indifferent ignorance and brutality are not tolerated. The fact that killing and destruction are ruthlessly accepted in the worldwide struggle for existence, profit and power and at the same time psychologically suppressed by the media is a colossal, ongoing scandal. It is a mistake to allow art to be completely co-opted into the production of consumer goods.

Photo: KLEINERVONWIESE @enter art airshop opas Nr 1

KLEINERVONWIESE connects all kinds of people in its programme: Men and women, children and young people, artists and exhibition makers, exhibition visitors and collectors, insiders and outsiders, employees and entrepreneurs, civil servants and free spirits, young and old. Once the idea of co-responsibility has entered our consciousness, it can no longer be negated. The vehemence of an individual and deeply personal confrontation with the daily horrors caused by the confrontation with art accumulates in a common resistance against the globalisation of indifference.

Opening hours:
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. and by arrangement
> due to Corona only by appointment

Please find all contact details below.




Artists of the gallery:
Chrstian Achenbach, Anita Ackermann, Nasser Almulhim, Chrissy Angliker, Oded Arad, Inna Artemova, Max Beckmann, Tom Biber, Andreas Blank, Klaus Vom Bruch, Anina Brisolla, Karol Broniatowski, Claus Brunsmann, Michael Buthe, Claudia Chaseling, Antonina Denisiuc, Ali Dowlatshahi, Kerstin Dzewior, Amir Fattal, Mafalda Figueiredo, Doug Fishbone, Daniel Grüttner, Mariana Hahn, Stefan Hain, Janes Haid-Schmallenberg, Chris Hammerlein, Simon Heser, Monika Immrova, Miru Kim, Franziska Klotz, Wanda Koller, David Krippendorff, Milan Kunc, Stefan Kürten, Jani Leinonen, Via Lewandowsky, Sarah Lüdemann, Paul Maciejowski, Milovan Destil Markovic, Sara Masüger, Almagul Menlibayeva, Tracey Moffatt, Marcel Odenbach, Jennifer Oellrich, Onformative, Kirsten Palz , Ulrich Panzer, Manfred Peckl, Ricardo Peredo, Françoise Pétrovitch, Otto Piene, Angelika Platen, David Regher, Aurora Reinhard, Gerhard Richter, Stefan Rinck, Ulrike Rosenbach, Huda Al Saie, Kerstin Serz, Jörg Schaller, Yasmin Sharabi, Maik Schierloh, Nina E. Schönefeld, Thomas Schütte, Varvara Shavrova, Pola Sieverding, David Szauder, Barthélémy Toguo, Dagmar Uhde, Ivar Van Urk, Mariana Vassileva, Elisabeth Wagner, Michael Wutz, Abbas Yousif, Vadim Zakharov, Jindrich Zeithamml, Ireen Zielonka

Art Gallery in Berlin: KLEINERVONWIESE | ART at Berlin



Friedrichstraße 204, Ecke Schützenstraße, 10117 Berlin-Mitte


52.5084222832, 13.3902271297

Get in Contact
Meine Strecke planen

Opening Hours


by arrangement


by arrangement


3:00 - 6:00 p.m.


by arrangement


3:00 - 6:00 p.m.


3:00 - 6:00 p.m.


by arrangement

Due to Corona, please contact the gallery by phone before the visit (+49 177 527 6188).

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