post-title From Universe To Universe | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 11.03.-10.04.2023

From Universe To Universe | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 11.03.-10.04.2023

From Universe To Universe | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 11.03.-10.04.2023

From Universe To Universe | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 11.03.-10.04.2023

until 10.04. | #3801ARTatBerlin | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph (FWR) presents from 11th March 2023 the exhibition From Universe To Universe by the artists Veneta Androva, Dominik Halmer and Paule Hammer. The gallery is thus continuing its tradition of three-room shows and introducing both new and well-known artists to Berlin.

On show will be gallery artist PAULE HAMMER (b. 1974 in Leipzig) with a 360° panorama of internet drawings, DOMINIK HALMER (b. 1978 in Munich) with his installative image projects and VENETA ANDROVA (b. 1985 in Sofia/BUL) with her digital animation film “FROM MY DESERT”, nominated for the German Short Film Award, which humorously and critically takes up the fetish of power, capital and gender using the example of duty-free customs warehouses.

ART at Berlin - FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph - From universe to universePaule Hammer

Veneta Androva (born 1985 in Sofia, BUL; lives and works in Berlin) works in the field of experimental documentary film. In her practice, she combines various sources such as archival and documentary material with painting to bring them together inform digital animations in virtual environments. In doing so, she explores socio-political, economic and gender issues.
Androva’s animated film FROM MY DESERT (2019, 14 min) will be screened in the gallery. The film accompanies “a young investor to the Geneva Freeport for a meeting arranged by his art dealer (…). Through labyrinthine corridors in the style of computer games, the computer-generated figure moves through the tightly secured warehouse, (…) to a private, air-conditioned exhibition room. There the investor encounters the famous portrait of Martin Luther (1528) by Lucas Cranach the Elder. (…) A friendship develops between the investor and the reformer, they talk about “typical guy stuff” – how to use political power and loyalty to get ahead, … (…).
Intelligently and humorously, Veneta Androva traces the grotesque absurdity of an art market that has degenerated into pure speculation and the questionable role of free ports, evoking the mutual attraction of “Protestant ethics and capitalist spirit” (as in the famous 1905 work by Max Weber). She amalgamates digital animation and painting in the hand-painted, animated portrait of “Martin” – in the installation it is already in the transport box instead of in the museum.” (Text: Eva Scharrer)

ART at Berlin - Courtesy FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph - Veneta Androva-Still 1
Veneta Androva, Film Still

Dominik Halmer (born 1978 in Munich; lives and works in Berlin) deals in his painting with very central and fundamental questions of visual language. “What does a picture refer to? When do we perceive something as a unit? How do narration and meaning emerge? How are strength, authenticity, liveliness or objectivity, value and unvalue, freedom or lack of freedom constructed? In doing so, he has continuously expanded his pictorial space in recent years: from the frame picture to the pictorial object, and finally from the pictorial object to a pictorial form that annexes and integrates the surrounding space. (…) In doing so, he plays with the alternation between objectifying detachment and personal, private-mythological charge. Work titles and references to art history often allow the subtle humour in the works to shimmer. The large two-part work “Chloris” (2020), which was last shown at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, refers to the moment of the painting’s creation in the studio. The shaped canvas, which seems to detach itself from the wooden panel standing on the floor, suggests an initial impulse to move. The picture becomes independent in its presence and confronts us as a being. Fleeting painterly gestures on the wood, as well as traces of work activity such as engravings, colour tests or (painted) adhesive strips, point to a processuality that is also visible in the works on paper. (…) (Thus) Dominik Halmer 8…) makes things appear in different states of being (…)” (Artist Stamment, D.H.)

ART at Berlin - FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph - From universe to universe
Dominik Halmer

Paule Hammer (born 1974; lives and works in Leipzig) presents his 50-part series of “Internet drawings” in a 360° panorama. In black ink on paper and always in the same format, the artist’s impressions, based on the concept of the WORLD WIDE WEB, are arranged in all kinds of pictorial patterns. For example, they are depicted in radial rays, in lines waved by disturbances or as short distances that intersect several times. But there are also biological-looking pictorial motifs such as the fine-stranded ramifications of lines that are connected to each other by nodes like synapses and are reminiscent of nerve or capillary blood vessels. Up to psychedelic patterns, horizons with cosmic rays, streams of data associated in waves and much more. It is the total proliferation and tendrils on the picture panorama, which strings itself together without gaps. With his suction-like animation to an individual vision and action in the eye of each viewer, the artist creates dialogical works of art between the self and its environment.

ART at Berlin - FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph - From universe to universeVeneta Androva

“For me, art helps me to stay in touch with the world, and I think the same is true for everyone else. (…) My ideal artist helps many people to think and feel, and makes the world and being human more bearable for as many people as possible.” (Paule Hammer)

ART at Berlin - Courtesy FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph - Paule Hammer - image1
Paule Hammer

The gallery team Stefanie Feldbusch, Andreas Wiesner and Jette Rudolph are looking forward to your visit to the exhibition in the gallery.

Vernissage:  Saturday, 11. March 2023, 4:00 bis 9:00 pm

Exhibition period: Saturday, 11. March until Monday, 10. April 2023

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