post-title Milen Till | Master Cards | Crone Berlin | 11.03.-22.04.2023

Milen Till | Master Cards | Crone Berlin | 11.03.-22.04.2023

Milen Till | Master Cards | Crone Berlin | 11.03.-22.04.2023

Milen Till | Master Cards | Crone Berlin | 11.03.-22.04.2023

until 22.04. | #3802ARTatBerlin | Crone Berlin shows from 11th March 2023 (Opening: 10.03.) the exhibition „Master Cards“ by the German-French artist Milen Till.

In his multi-layered works, Milen Till often deals with iconographic works by famous artists. He takes up their essential features, alienates them, contextualises them, establishes intriguing connections and gives them a new meaning. In doing so, he sometimes deliberately leads the viewer astray, sometimes right to the core of the alienated art icons.

ART at Berlin - Crone Berlin - Milen Till - S_23_009.001.O
Milen Till, Dart II (Jasper Johns), 2023
Dart in postcard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm

What he always succeeds in doing, however, is to ironise and pay tribute to the works of his models in equal measure. He directs our gaze to the weight of meaning in visual art and at the same time lends it a sympathetic, surprising, tongue-in-cheek lightness.

ART at Berlin - Crone Berlin - Milen Till - S_23_006.001.O
Milen Till, Kerzen (Gerhard Richter), 2023
Postcards in hanging candle holder, h = 34,  Ø 28 cm

In his exhibition “Master Cards”, Till now devotes himself to digesting, processing, alienating and refining contemporary art history using postcards from museum shops. Over the past five years, he has bought together around 20,000 postcards of world-famous works of art during visits to museums around the globe. Paintings by Yves Klein, Jasper Johns, Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke are among them, as are sculptures by Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Calder.

Milen Till, No Brainer (Blumenkranz), 2023
Postcards and pins on canvas mounted on cork, Ø 95 cm

With meticulous chutzpah, he assembles the tens of thousands of art postcards into room-filling installations, exuberant wall works or small, sensitive marginal notes. They are linked with performative, interactive actions; in addition, each work in the exhibition is printed as a postcard itself.

ART at Berlin - Crone Berlin - Milen Till - S_23_001.001.O
Milen Till, Vaterland, 2023
Found Objects, 110 x 160 x 66 cm

The original artwork-postcard is thus reduced to postcard format by means of Till’s alienation technique and can be sent by the visitor. Over all this hovers the question of whether art is not one big house of cards.

ART at Berlin - Crone Berlin - Milen Till - MT_S_23_002.001.O
Milen Till, Kartenhaus (Bernd und Hilla Becher), 2023
Glued postcards, 128 x 148 x 10,5 cm

Milen Till was born in 1984 in Munich, where he still lives today. He studied at the Munich Art Academy with Gregor Hildebrandt and graduated with a master’s degree in 2021. Already during his studies he participated in numerous international solo and group exhibitions, among others in Paris, Dublin, New York, Copenhagen, Munich, Leipzig and Berlin.

Vernissage: Friday, 10th March 2023, 7:00 until 9:00 pm

Exhibition period: Saturday, 11th March until Saturday, 22nd April 2023

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Image caption title: Milen Till, Solar Panels (Yves Klein Blue), 2023, gerahmte Postkarten, 118,9 x 84,1 cm (Detail)

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