here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

ESTHER STOCKER | Anarchy of Forms | drj art project | 08.09.-02.11.2019 – extended until 16.11.2019!

extended until 16.11. | #2630ARTatBerlin | drj art project currently presents the solo exhibition “Anarchy of Forms” in the form of a space-related artwork by the artist Esther Stocker. Accompanying the artist has arranged works of special artist guests from the fields of installation, sculpture, clothing, furniture and painting with further works of her own […]

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Dario Ghibaudo + David Hochbaum | Hypnagogic Atlas | Luisa Catucci Gallery | 22.11.2019-10.01.2020

until 10.01. | #2629ARTatBerlin | Luisa Catucci Gallery presents from 22nd November 2019 the exhibition Hypnagogic Atlas with artworks by the artists Dario Ghibaudo and David Hochbaum. „The most characteristic slumber, the one most appropriate to the exercise of the art.. Is the slumber which I call “the slumber with a key”… you must resolve […]

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CORRELATION | Group Exhibition with Interaction | Galerie aKonzept | 16.11.-14.12.2019

until 14.12. | #2629ARTatBerlin | Galerie aKonzept and Raphael Lévy present from 16th November 2019 the exhibition  CORRELATION with artworks by the artists Anne-Lise Coste, Martin Disler and Guillaume Sebag. In this exhibition, gallery visitors are invited to a special interaction. “Some computer algorithms are designed to analyze and interpret behavioural patterns. Our artists often […]

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Romy Campe | Beyond Now | Köppe Contemporary | 29.11.2019-10.01.2020

until 10.01. | #2628ARTatBerlin | Köppe Contemporary shows from 29th November 2019 the exhibition Beyond Now with artworks by the artist Romy Campe. Man plays the central role in Romy Campe’s work. The artist’s portraits reflect human characteristics – inner states, sensitivities and moods. Although the motifs also show characteristics of the fantastic and surreal, […]

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Rolf-Dieter Grass | Painting + Graphics | Galerie mutare | 19.11.-12.12.2019

until 12.12. | #2627ARTatBerlin | Galerie mutare shows from 19th November 2019 an exhibition with paintings and graphics by the guest artist Rolf-Dieter Grass in the second room of the gallery. Rolf-Dieter Grass, born in 1951, was a member of the artists’ group “Der Karton” in Saarbrücken, whose works have claimed an art space for […]

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Jahresangaben 2019: Review and Preview | White Square Gallery | 09.11.2019-25.01.2020

until 25.01. | #2625ARTatBerlin | White Square Gallery presents from 9th November 2019 the exhibition JAHRESGABEN 2019: REVIEW & PREVIEW with artworks by Sebastian Heiner, Friederike Jokisch, Albrecht Klink, Pia Andersen, Ashley Scott, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen and others. This is the traditional exhibition  at the turn of the year. The existing program will be enriched […]

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5 Jahre Galerie Z22: Eric Massholder | Apokalypse | Malerei | Galerie Z22 | 09.11.-07.12.2019

until 07.12. | #2624ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 presents from 9th November 2019 the exhibition APOKALYPSE with artworks by the painter Eric Massholder on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the gallery.  The apocalypse reaches Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Ring free for monetary snakes, skulls and the Antichrist. For the fifth anniversary of the Berlin gallery Z22, the […]

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Ernst Weil | 100 Years Ernst Weil | Galerie Kremers | 08.11.–02.02.2020

until 02.02. | #2623ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kremers presents from 8th November 2019 the exhibition 100 Years Ernst Weil – Virtuous Paintings against the Zeitgeist with artworks by the artist Ernst Weil. „Between 1939 and 1945 my wish to study art became stronger and stronger and after having studied architecture on the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart (…) […]

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Markus Weggenmann | death by colour | Taubert Contemporary | 09.11.2019-11.01.2020

until 11.01. | #2622ARTatBerlin | Taubert Contemporary presents from 9th November 2019 the exhibition death by colour by the artist Markus Weggenmann. Taubert Contemporary is pleased to present new paintings by Markus Weggenmann in a solo exhibition titled “death by colour”. Vibrant and seductive, with reduced motifs and precisely contoured forms which are clearly the […]

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