post-title Caroline Crozat | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 07.02.-07.03.2020

Caroline Crozat | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 07.02.-07.03.2020

Caroline Crozat | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 07.02.-07.03.2020

Caroline Crozat | Galerie ART CRU Berlin | 07.02.-07.03.2020

until 07.03. | #2676ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin presents from 7th February 2020 the exhibition DIVERSITÉ with artworks by Caroline Crozat.

On 06.02.2020, CAROLINE CROZAT will open the first exhibition of the gallery ART CRU this year after an involuntary break of over three months.  Due to a water damage the gallery had to close the doors temporarily since 04.11.2019. The non-profit gallery for art by people with disabilities and psychiatric experience was severely affected by the damage. After the great shock and weeks of clean-up work, the gallery is now looking into an uncertain future and is currently focusing on compensating the artists appropriately for the damage caused and at the same time resuming exhibition operations.

Galerie ART CRU Berlin shows paintings by French artist Caroline Crozat in her first solo exhibition in Germany.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy Galerie ART CRU - Caroline Crozat 4
O.T., 2014-2018

The intensive painting in partly large formats challenges the viewer and allows the experience of the special way of expression of a multidisciplinary artist. The “Neo-Expressionist” Crozat studied painting at the École des Beaux-Arts de Metz, is a self-taught musician and author who loves cultural diversity. In the exhibition there are about 20 paintings in acrylic on canvas. They show intense compositions of figures: wild and thoughtful, frontal and undisguised, powerful and enigmatic. Movement is a central element in her colourful paintings, which she compares to jazz music. They are characterized by an “African fantasy” that Crozat began to develop as a child when her uncle lived in Cameroon. The artist speaks openly about her Asperger’s syndrome and is not interested in common genre attributions. She feels a sense of belonging to the Outsider artists and Art Brut and emphasizes deconstruction of the classical as a common motif.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy Galerie ART CRU - Caroline Crozat 2
O.T., 2014-2018, 116 x 73 cm

“Freedom is more difficult than you think” she says about her goal of solving her own form of restrictions. In her art she constantly tries to free herself: from plans, from structures, from rules. Her works should be adventures that still offer room for accidents and accidents. They are pure improvisation and an ongoing experiment in free figuration.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy Galerie ART CRU - Caroline Crozat 3
O.T., 2014-2018, 150 x 100 cm

Caroline Crozat was born in Paris and, after stops in Lorraine, Metz and Fensch, now lives in Pordic in Brittany. She describes her concern as a “human painting”, a “peinture humaine”.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy Galerie ART CRU - Caroline Crozat 1
O.T., 2014-2018, 120 x 40 cm

Gallery ART CRU Berlin is Berlin’s only gallery for so-called Outsider Art since 2008. This term (introduced in 1972 by Roger Cardinal as a synonym of the term “Art Brut” coined in 1945 by the painter Jean Dubuffet) refers to the art of people with psychiatric experience or mental disabilities. We are convinced that the special perception of these artists* is reflected in unique works of art of high authenticity. With our exhibitions we present works by “outsiders” as an important part of contemporary art and thus want to stimulate an active discourse with the established art business. Located in the Kunsthof, in Oranienburger Straße, the gallery brings works by people with special experiences right into the heart of the Berlin art scene. The non-profit gallery ART CRU Berlin is supported by the association PS-Art e.V. Berlin, a network of various psychosocial institutions. Initiator of the project and director of the gallery is Alexandra von Gersdorff-Bultmann. On the occasion of the gallery’s fifth anniversary, a chronicle has been published, which includes the exhibition catalogues from 2008-13. In 2014 the gallery was able to participate for the first time in the Outsider Art Fair in Paris, the most important fair for “outsider art” in Europe. In the same year 5 artists* from the network of PSArt e.V. Berlin were nominated for the international art award Euward.

Vernissage: Thursday, 6. February 2020, 7:00 pm, Speech: Marion Wendlandt

Exhibition period: Friday, 7. February – Saturday, 7. March 2020

Zur Galerie ART CRU


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