post-title Willi Sitte + Ulrich Reimkasten | UTOPIER | Galerie feinart berlin | 15.04.-20.05.2021

Willi Sitte + Ulrich Reimkasten | UTOPIER | Galerie feinart berlin | 15.04.-20.05.2021

Willi Sitte + Ulrich Reimkasten | UTOPIER | Galerie feinart berlin | 15.04.-20.05.2021

Willi Sitte + Ulrich Reimkasten | UTOPIER | Galerie feinart berlin | 15.04.-20.05.2021

until 20.05. | #3010ARTatBerlin | Galerie feinart berlin presents from 15 April 2021 two UTOPIER. For the 100th birthday of the GDR artist Willi Sitte, feinart berlin shows his “Hommages to the Masters” in an as well surprising as revealing pairing with works by his more than a generation younger Halle colleague Ulrich Reimkasten.

Between generations – whether teachers and students, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters – there is a time of upheaval. Especially in art: a time of instruction, questioning and identity formation. Here, the where from and where to of biographies are negotiated and the framework for the transmission and change of values, ideas and artistic forms of expression are established.

On the occasion of Willi Sitte’s 100th birthday in 2021, the feinart berlin gallery shows a selection from his “Hommages to the Masters” together with drawings and paintings by Ulrich Reimkasten, who belonged to Willi Sitte’s group of students between 1975 and 1985.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie feinart Berlin - Ulrich Reimkasten - 2008
Ulrich Reimkasten, Granate Femme, Pigmente, Acryl,
Leim auf Leinwand, 220 x 135cm, 2008 © Ulrich Reimkasten

Willi Sitte’s prints “Hommages to the Masters” imagine, following the pathos of his expressive body representations and lively, pulsating picture compositions, the stylistic worlds of his great idols such as Michelangelo, Courbet and Ernst. Here, in their own way, the early drawings and inks by Ulrich Reimkasten tie in. They give an insight into the studio of the young artist as well as his examination of role models and the search for his own language of expression. The exhibition shows what the now emeritus professor for painting and textile arts at Burg Giebichenstein, Kunsthochschule Halle and one of the few contemporary tapestry masters has developed in his mature oeuvre by presenting paintings from various series.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie feinart Berlin - Willi Sitte
Willi Sitte, Für Gian Lorenzo Bernini- Farbzinkographie, 75 x 60,3cm, 1990 © Ingrid Sitte

The exhibition is characterized by a curiosity for what connects and divides the artistic decisions of the two personalities as well as for the fine movements in between, not least as representatives of two generations. There is also the question: what is realism? The answer can be found between the continuity and the breaks of a concept of art, a concept of art that is closely linked to the time of German division and reunification, which shaped many human lives

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie feinart Berlin - Flyer-Sitte-Reimkasten
Zwei Utopier: (li) Ulrich Reimkasten, Programm 4, Pigmente, Acryl, Leim auf Leinwand, 95 x 120 cm, 2016
und (re) Willi Sitte, Für Max Ernst, Farbzinkographie, 74,5 x 64cm, 1990, © feinartberlin

Opening: Thursday, 15 April, Friday, 16 April, Saturday, 17 April 2021, 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. each day.

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 15 April to Thursday, 20 May 2021

Reading: Friday, 30 April 2021 at 19:00 | Lecture by art historian and curator Eckhart Gillen on the background to the exhibition from the perspective of art history and contemporary history

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