post-title Erik Nieminen + Fiona Ackerman | Galerie Kremers | 29.04.–03.07.2021

Erik Nieminen + Fiona Ackerman | Galerie Kremers | 29.04.–03.07.2021

Erik Nieminen + Fiona Ackerman | Galerie Kremers | 29.04.–03.07.2021

Erik Nieminen + Fiona Ackerman | Galerie Kremers | 29.04.–03.07.2021

until 03.07. | #3009ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kremers presents from 29 April 2021 two solo exhibitions. On the one hand, the exhibition “Metamorphosis I – Possible Worlds” with paintings by the artist Erik Nieminen, on the other hand, the exhibition “Metamorphosis II – The Cosmic Tiger” with new works by the artist Fiona Ackerman in the Gothic Hall of the gallery.

Erik Nieminen | Metamorphosis I – Possible Worlds

Paradises exist. There are artificially created places, for example zoos or gardens, which remind Homo Sapiens of where he actually came from. Erik Nieminen’s painting practice is an exploration of possible space. It shows us the manifold worlds open to us when we withdraw from the gravity of the real (everyday) world and reflect on what has always shaped our perception and our experience: a mélange of sensory impressions, often reflected by memories, moods, hidden longings and premonitions, such as of the epochs when our ancestors still lived in the trees. Metamorphoses takes place on the canvas. Erik Nieminen deconstructs fragments of reality, geometric shapes, memory snippets and random findings in order to abet the construction of new worlds. Like in an alchemical process, forms and figures find and lose their role in the resulting composition until the metamorphosis is complete. Here the possible becomes real and vice versa. Since we are all made of the same matter, we can discover related and familiar ideas, concepts, and meanings. Erik Nieminen’s paintings speak to us and invite us. They are portals to another world in which we can connect with what we find on the canvas and within our imaginations, the most creative and freest parts of ourselves

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Kremers - Erik Nieminen
Paradise Not Lost, 2020, Öl auf Leinen, 95 x 165 cm

Fiona Ackerman | Metamorphosis II – The Cosmic Tiger

In her third solo exhibition at GALERIE KREMERS, Fiona Ackerman presents a series of images made during the COVID-19 lockdown exploring Metamorphosis. A series of new paintings explore three thematic areas: the zoological works of the 17th century researcher and artist Sibylla Maria Merian treating the metamorphosis of butterflies; Schrödinger’s Cat, a 1935 thought experiment proposed by physicist Erwin Schrödinger; and the overnight transformation of an office worker into a bug in Franz Kafka’s 1915 novella The Metamorphosis.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Kremers - Fiona Ackerman 2019
Fiona Ackerman, Under Garden, 2019, 163 x 102 cm

A highlight of the exhibition is a video by Fiona Ackerman and New York musician and video artist Arjan Miranda. Elements of the painter’s compositions are transformed into moving images by Miranda; she in turn creates visual responses to his compositions. The music for the video, I Am Strange on the Inside, is the artists’ collaborative exploration.

„There is nothing in the caterpillar, that tells you it´s going to be a butterfly.”

Buckminster Fuller

In a transformation, only the external changes are visible. We may not even realize that we are in a process of change, but consider the small visible part to be the whole. “Under Garden” shows the limitations of our perspective in a paradoxical way: beauty blooms from the invisible, offering an overall view of metamorphosis, as though perceived in all its stages simultaneously, even the hidden ones.

Fiona Ackerman plays with the possibilities and limits of human perception and asks what metamorphosis means to the subject of change. Can I influence the transformation I am undergoing? Who am I when the transformation process is complete? See for yourself and let yourself be transformed …!

Edition Kremers has published a catalogue for each of the two exhibitions.
Galerie Kremers gratefully acknowledges the support of Stiftung Kunstfonds/Neustart Kultur.

Opening: Thursday, 29 April from 6 p.m., Friday, 30 April from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Saturday, 1 May & Sunday, 2 May 2021 from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 29 April to Saturday, 3 July 2021

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