post-title Martina Wolf | Wall Works – 8 Weeks, 4 Exhibitions | Daniel Marzona | 11.02.-21.02.2017

Martina Wolf | Wall Works – 8 Weeks, 4 Exhibitions | Daniel Marzona | 11.02.-21.02.2017

Martina Wolf | Wall Works – 8 Weeks, 4 Exhibitions | Daniel Marzona | 11.02.-21.02.2017

Martina Wolf | Wall Works – 8 Weeks, 4 Exhibitions | Daniel Marzona | 11.02.-21.02.2017

until 21.02. | #1061ARTatBerlin | Daniel Marzona shows from 14th January 2017 the exhibition format „Wall Works – 8 Weeks, 4 Exhibitions“ and now with the artist Martina Wolf the third part.

In the third part of the exhibition series Wall Works – 8 Weeks, 4 Exhibitions, Daniel Marzona is showing works by Martina Wolf. On view will be three video projections that the artist processed especially for the exhibition room, supplemented by two photographic works. Wall works – works on the wall, the wall laboring, the wall functioning – the many aspects of this word combination are found also in the works of Martina Wolf. Her projections are wall-related in the fullest sense: they lie on and make demands on the wall; it is appropriated, collaborates, and functions as part of the picture.

The video work Transformatoren-Haus-Wand / Neonlicht (transformer-house-wall / neon light) shows the wall of a house with large surfaces painted in different colors, photographed in downtown Moscow. There are traces of graffiti, which the authorities do not tolerate and have tried to expunge by painting them over with oil and emulsion paints in various tones. Wolf’s media artworks are created successively. First, she photographed some of the overpainted house walls in Moscow, part for part, and put them back together as large pictures on a computer. As a video level, the photo of a neon light going on and off is laid over the wall photograph with its various degrees of brightness. The changes produce the actual video image: the colors of the wall flicker rhythmically in the light of the malfunctioning lamp. This simple combination of the static and the dynamic is characteristic of Wolf’s works.

In the projection Wand / Folie (wall / foil), the colored rear wall of a shopping center in the city of Offenbach can be seen with the superintendent’s repairs and overpainted graffiti. The artist photographed separately additional decorative circles on the wall and printed them on foil. They are mounted as a frieze beside the projection in the exhibition room. Wolf also places printed reproductions of walls under her video projections, which are themselves reproduced objects, arranged as doubles. Wolf mounts the film motif of a plastic foil slightly moved by the wind on the static levels of the wall. The wind’s motion in the wadded-up piece is hardly noticeable until the latter is finally blown out of the picture. Through the interweaving of various levels, real spaces, and pictorial illusions, she plays with the perception of the viewer, who takes what is seen for reality.

Another of the artist’s themes is the motif of the window, as a frame between inside and outside. The video work Haus / Fenster / Kasachstan (house / window / Kazakhstan) was created in an apartment in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan. The house across the way can be seen through two windows, opened one behind the other: a slab-constructed building from the Soviet era. The three-part video image arises from the direct prospect and the reflections of the two windowpanes. The slow motion of the window sashes shifts the mirror images of the building and its surroundings in the picture cropping. Depending on how far the sashes move, they enable a glimpse that goes beyond the view straight ahead. They let the building appear in its spatial perspective, along with the surrounding buildings and trees. The viewer must put the successively visible impressions together in his own imagination.

Martina Wolf was born in Wurzen (Sachsen). She graduated in new media at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden in 2005. Among others she had solo exhibitions at the Museum Bad Arolsen (2016) and the Kunstverein Rostock (2015). Her works were seen in following group exhibitions: jetzt hier – Staatliche Kunstsammlungen – Dresden (2013); Playing the City 2 – SCHIRN Kunsthalle – Frankfurt am Main (2010). Wolfs’ works are represented in several public collections like Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moskau, Städtische Galerie Dresden and Kunstsammlung der Dresdner Bank / Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main. She lives and works mainly in Frankfurt am Main.

Vernissage: Friday, 10th February 2017, 6 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 11th February to Tuesday, 21th February 2017

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Image caption: Martina Wolf, Film Still: Wand / Folie, 2013, Video Installation
courtesy of the artist and Daniel Marzona, Berlin

Exhibition Martina Wolf – Daniel Marzona – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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