post-title Frank Gerritz | Kompass | Galerie Michael Haas + Kunst Lager Haas | 15.10.2021–15.01.2022

Frank Gerritz | Kompass | Galerie Michael Haas + Kunst Lager Haas | 15.10.2021–15.01.2022

Frank Gerritz | Kompass | Galerie Michael Haas + Kunst Lager Haas | 15.10.2021–15.01.2022

Frank Gerritz | Kompass | Galerie Michael Haas + Kunst Lager Haas | 15.10.2021–15.01.2022

until 15.01. | #3202ARTatBerlin | Galerie Michael Haas presents from 15th October 2021 the exhibition Kompass with works by the artist Frank Gerritz. This is his first solo exhibition at Galerie Michael Haas in Berlin. With his aluminium works, iron sculptures and drawings, Frank Gerritz will occupy both the gallery rooms in Niebuhrstraße and the rooms of the Kunst Lager Haas in Lise-Meitner-Straße.

A compass is a navigation device whose needle moves constantly and yet always points in the same direction. Frank Gerritz is also in permanent motion and at the same time goes his way very directly and purposefully.

An important parameter of his works are human body dimensions, which run through his entire work in various proportions. At the same time, these are also found in references between the different groups of works. This shows in how many directions Gerritz is thinking at the same time to find out the possibilities of design.

The process of creation of his works is decisive in this respect. His wall and floor sculptures are created in intensive and elaborate processes. Exemplary are his works in which he draws for months, with very soft pencils on MDF boards and thereby compresses the surfaces to such an extent that they begin to reflect and become projection surfaces – of light, color and space. Under comparatively extreme working conditions, he creates iron sculptures, which he produces with a team of assistants in an iron foundry in Kaiserslautern. Gerritz attaches great importance to the precise craftsmanship and execution of his works. This is particularly visible in his aluminum works. With black paintstick (oil wax crayon) he draws in many layers – line after line on anodized aluminum plates.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy Galerie Michael Haas - Frank Gerritz 2017-18 - photo Dirk Masbaum Detail
Frank Gerritz, Live Wire (A Day In Memories), 2017-18, Foto: Dirk Masbaum (Detail)

Not only the mental, but also the physical involvement of Frank Gerritz is extremely intense and cannot be seen at first glance. Only when exploring his thought system and his way of working do these wonderful works of art reveal themselves. His works captivate with a clarity that draws the viewer under their spell.

Exhibition period: Friday, 15th October 2021 to Saturday, 15th January 2022

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Image caption cover: Frank Gerritz, Two by two center Blockformation, 1995, Foto: Dirk Masbaum

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