post-title BLACK / WHITE + FRIENDS | Group exhibition | galerie burster | 20.01.–25.02.2017

BLACK / WHITE + FRIENDS | Group exhibition | galerie burster | 20.01.–25.02.2017

BLACK / WHITE + FRIENDS | Group exhibition | galerie burster | 20.01.–25.02.2017

BLACK / WHITE + FRIENDS | Group exhibition | galerie burster | 20.01.–25.02.2017

until 25.02. | Galerie burster presents from 20th January 2017 the group exhibition “BLACK / WHITE + FRIENDS”.

Katharina Albers / Bram Braam / Alex Feuerstein / Hirofumi Fujiwara / Wolfgang Ganter
/ Richard Garet / Valentin Hennig / Jiwon Jung / Gerhard Langenfeld / Sandra Meisel /
Ann-Kathrin Müller / Simon Pfeffel / Marie Rief / Tim Roda / Felix Rombach / Nina Röder
/ Martin G. Schmid / Markus F. Strieder / Nora Ströbel / Marisabela Tellería / Miriam Temme
/ Dierk Zaiser

11 artists of the gallery programme invited
11 guest artists to join the exhibition concept
22 artistic positions including photography, installation, lithography, painting, sculpture, video,
drawing and performance – exclusively in a black, white and grey colour scheme.

Being reduced to a colour scheme of solely black, white and the in-between shades of grey means
more awareness on aspects such as material, carrier, motive, surface and light – which sometimes
appear only at a second glance and after the first impression of a colourful scheme. To deal with
this task of absolute colour-reduction hence means for an artist to consciously reflect on the
maybe most complex ‘colour’ white and its opponent black – both loaded with very different and
highly contradictious aesthetics and meanings.

Every of the 22 positions shown reveal their own artistic interpretation and application: Some of the
artists were already very used to it, for some of the joining artists it was the first time. Some of the
artists focus solely on the shades of grey, some of them focus in a very intransigently way strictly
on the pure contrast of black and white.

Markus Strieder’s (*1961 in Innsbruck, Austria, based in Rhône-Alpes, France) drawings Faltungen
are certainly the ones dealing with this contrast in their most pure way: Black ink (un)folds
dynamically on its white paper surface and reveals compact yet transparent spacial structures. As
a sculptor, Strieder works simultaneously with space and material as well as space as material.

While space is Strieder’s main theme, it is the question of time and perception for Richard Garet
(*1972 in Montevideo, Uruguay, based New York, USA). In his video – installation Glint there are
graphical structures fields which slowly, almost not perceptible, continually transform into new
constellations. Cryptic signs, white on black ground evince our perception’s limits on time and

Tim Roda (*1977 in Lancaster, USA, based New York) juxtaposes in his evocative photographs
our social gender constructions within a family: His series Hidden Father refers to the tradition of
the Hidden Mother – Portraits of the 19th century: Knowing about the impossibility of keeping
children calm for a while to take a photo portrait of them, they have been placed on their mother’s
lap – to hide the mother’s presence from the portrait, she has been covered with a black drape.
Today it’s the artist himself together with his sons posing as the portrayed subjects.

Ann-Kathrin Müller (*1988, based in Stuttgart, Germany) works with the media of photography as
well, questioning and dealing with the phenomena of advertisement and object photography in an
almost ironic way. But not – as we are used to know from this genre – with intense colour schemes
and exaggerated stylistic devices. Through shooting in black and white only, she puts focus solely
on the motive. On a closer look you can see consciously placed stylistic inconsistencies and flaws.

Simon Pfeffel’s (*1985 in Nürnberg, lebt in Karlsruhe) performance Unter-Weg S, which will take
place on the day of the opening reception in public space in front of the gallery, it is a chunk of
black chalk being subject of the viewer’s attention. Lost in thought and by continually kicking the
chunk in circles in front of himself, the artist leaves black traces behind.

In addition to this performance, and at the same time and place, Dierk Zaier will join Unter-Weg S
with a complement performance.

Vernissage: Friday, 20th January 2017, 7 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 20th January to Saturday, 25th February 2017

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Image caption: Ann-Kathrin Müller Die Observation 2 2015 Silbergelatinehandabzug, Aludibond 110 x 110 cm

Group exhibition BLACK / WHITE + FRIENDS – galerie burster – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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