here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Nele Probst | Wildwuchs | galerie weisser elefant | 10.07.-14.08.2021

until 14.08. | #3099ARTatBerlin | galerie weisser elefant currently shows the solo exhibition Wildwuchs (> Wild Growth) with worky by the artist Nele Probst.  The works of artist Nele Probst are not pleasing, but rather unwieldy. Her work with painting and installation is dominated by playful elements that explore our relationship to things. The starting […]

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Paula Carralero Bierzyñska | RESCATE / ERLÖSUNG | galerie weisser elefant + Monbijoupark | 06.03.-10.04.2021

until 10.04. | #2987ARTatBerlin | galerie weisser elefant currently presents the exhibition RESCATE / ERLÖSUNG with works by the artist Paula Carralero Bierzyñska, which are shown both in the gallery and in the nearby Monbijoupark. About 20 works can be seen on the trees around the hill in the park.  At the moment of eternity […]

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Spirit us | Group exhibition | rk-gallery | 01.09.–30.10.2020

until 30.10. | #2832ARTatBerlin | rk-gallery will present the group exhibition “Spirit us” of the artists Christine Baumann, Julia Hürter, Thora Kraft, Ricarda Wallhäuser and the Danish artist group QWERTY. In the new exhibition at the rk-gallery for contemporary art in the town hall of Lichtenberg drawings, paintings, collages and installations by Christine Baumann, Julia […]

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Ashley Scott + Daniel Sambo-Richter | Eroberung des Raumes | GalerieETAGE | 24.01.-29.03.2020

until 29.03. | #2674ARTatBerlin | The GalerieETAGE of the Museum Reinickendorf shows from 24th January 2020 the exhibition Eroberung des Raumes (> Conquest of Space) with artworks by the artists Ashley Scott and Daniel Sambo Richter. With “Conquest of Space”, GalerieETAGE Reinickendorf presents an exhibition in which the artistic positions of sculpture by Ashley Scott […]

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Elisabeth Sonneck | Hantieren und Fingieren (in Farbe #6) | Installation | galerie weisser elefant | 01.07.-27.07.2019

until 27.07. | #2510ARTatBerlin | galerie weisser elefant shows from 1st July 2019 the installation “Hantieren und Fingieren (in Farbe #6)” (> Handling and faking (in colour #6) by the artist Elisabeth Sonneck. This is taking place in combination with the summer course for children of Daniela Herr in the gallery (01.-05.07. + 08.-10.07. 2019, 10-15 […]

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Andrea Lein + André Bauersfeld | Bilder. Geschichten – Schichten. Bilder | rk – Galerie | 15.05.–28.06.2019

until 28.06. | #2485ARTatBerlin | rk – Galerie for contemporary art in the Rathaus Lichtenberg is currently showing the exhibition ” Bilder. Geschichten – Schichten. Bilder” with paintings, drawings, objects by the artists Andrea Lein and André Bauersfeld, both from Berlin. On display are paintings and drawings by Berlin artists Andrea Lein and André Bauersfeld. […]

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Intermission | Function.Anomy | Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf | 29.03.-17.05.2019

until 17.05. | #2414ARTatBerlin | Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf shows from 29th March 2019 the group exhibition Function.Anomy with 27 international artists of the artist collective Intermission, which deals with the complexity of social space. The exhibition “Function.Anomy” by the artist collective Intermission invites you to rediscover social space and the institution of the City Hall. In […]

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Weltenwechsel. Oder: wesentlich gewesen. | galerie weisser elefant | 23.02.-30.03.2019

until 30.03. | #2369ARTatBerlin | galerie weisser elefant shows from 23rd February 2019 the group exhibition “Weltenwechsel. Oder: wesentlich gewesen”, a contribution to the realism of speculation with works by six artists, curated by Ralf Bartholomäus. Participating artists: Codemanipulator, Kinga Dunikowska, Else (Twin) Gabriel, Astrid Köppe, Anne Rinn, Carsten Schneider Within the sphere of influence […]

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Nihad Nino Pušija | THE WAY WE ARE | Galerie im Körnerpark | 29.09.2018-09.01.2019

until 09.01. | #2204ARTatBerlin | Galerie im Körnerpark presents from 29th September 2018 the exhibition THE WAY WE ARE. Pictures of neglected Europeans by photographer Nihad Nino Pušija.  For over 20 years, photographer Nihad Nino Pušija has focused on the realities of Roma living throughout Europe. In the exhibition THE WAY WE ARE, he mainly shows […]

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HEIM_Spiel Lichtenberg | Group exhibition | rk – Galerie | 11.07.–31.08.2018

until 31.08. | #2075ARTatBerlin | rk – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst im Rathaus Lichtenberg shows from 11th July 2018 the group exhibition HEIM_Spiel Lichtenberg of Frauenmuseum Berlin e.V. with several female artists from Lichtenberg. It has always been a special concern of the rk Gallery for Contemporary Art, professional artists living and working in the district […]

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