post-title Intermission | Function.Anomy | Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf | 29.03.-17.05.2019

Intermission | Function.Anomy | Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf | 29.03.-17.05.2019

Intermission | Function.Anomy | Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf | 29.03.-17.05.2019

Intermission | Function.Anomy | Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf | 29.03.-17.05.2019

until 17.05. | #2414ARTatBerlin | Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf shows from 29th March 2019 the group exhibition Function.Anomy with 27 international artists of the artist collective Intermission, which deals with the complexity of social space.

The exhibition “Function.Anomy” by the artist collective Intermission invites you to rediscover social space and the institution of the City Hall. In addition, 27 international artists show works that reflect the discourse with public space and the dialogue with the protagonists. From 28 March to 16 May 2019, these special works can be seen in the gallery of the Rathaus Reinickendorf. The exhibition will be accompanied by video art, performance and artist talks on the theme of “Function Anomy”.

Participating artists:

Agata Wieczorek, Angela Dwyer, Anne Marie Sampaio, Antti Pussinen, Assaf Hinden, Barbara Sanchez Barroso, Barbara Schober, Claudia Olendrowicz, Claudia Vitari, Daniela Delgado Viteri, Diana Pacelli, Doris Marten, FELL, Francesco Petruccelli, Ilka Raupach, Jennifer Oellerich, Jonas Büßecker, Jürgen Kellig, Katharina Bévand, Marc Oosting, Martin Sieron, Ori Jauch, Sarah Wohler, Swen Erik Scheuerling, Teresa Mayr, Thilo Droste, Yeongbin Lee

Francesco Petruccelli – Aleksandr Zakharchenko
(from the serie The Good and the Evil ) – courtesy of Francesco Petruccelli

“I am delighted about the cooperation with this exciting art collective. The town hall as a public space and a municipal gallery offers ideal opportunities for the thematic examination of social spaces,” says Katrin Schultze-Berndt (CDU), District Councillor for Building, Education and Culture.

Out of the 27 participating artists, the most outstanding artists will also be selected for an art residence in Paduli, Italy. Since a violent earthquake in 1962, Paduli has been devastated and isolated and thus represents a “ground zero” for artistic freedom. The participants of the Kunst-Residenz can reinterpret and redefine human space.

Intermission is an international artists’ collective that supports up-and-coming artists in opposing current art practices and establishing direct contact with the public. The critical engagement of the artists with their works and their environment is an essential component of art and is a top priority for Intermission.


Vernissage: Thursday, 28th March 2019 from 6.00 pm
With a performance by Yeongbin Lee and Kelvin King Fung NG

Exhibition period: Friday, 29th March to Friday, 17th May 2019

Videoart at the Rathaus: Friday, 12th April, 6:00 pm
Video projection of the artworks Barbara Sanchez Barroso, Daniela Delgado Vitari, Fell, Ori Jauch. Afterwards there will be a discussion with the artists.

Panel Discussion: Wednesday, 8th May, 6:00 pm
Contemporary art trends: Challenges and Perspectives, with Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Lüdeking (UdK) and Sabine Reinfeld (BBK)

Finissage: Thursday, 16th May, 6:00 pm
with artist talk, hosted by Prof. Karsten Konrad (UdK)

Zur Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf


Image caption cover: Ilka Raupach – Settlement – courtesy of Ilka Raupach

Exhibition Intermission – Function.Anomy – Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf | Contemporary Art Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin


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