post-title Nele Probst | Wildwuchs | galerie weisser elefant | 10.07.-14.08.2021

Nele Probst | Wildwuchs | galerie weisser elefant | 10.07.-14.08.2021

Nele Probst | Wildwuchs | galerie weisser elefant | 10.07.-14.08.2021

Nele Probst | Wildwuchs | galerie weisser elefant | 10.07.-14.08.2021

until 14.08. | #3099ARTatBerlin | galerie weisser elefant currently shows the solo exhibition Wildwuchs (> Wild Growth) with worky by the artist Nele Probst. 

The works of artist Nele Probst are not pleasing, but rather unwieldy. Her work with painting and installation is dominated by playful elements that explore our relationship to things. The starting point is the visualisation of conflicts between nature and modern civilisation. The hidden spaces of her paintings conceal secrets and also an uncertain fear. Seemingly arbitrary objects, which the artist selects for their authenticity and equivalence, are combined in her installations. In this way, Nele Probst creates objects that could certainly come to life if only they wanted to. Her sculptures, reminiscent of thing-beings from stories by Kafka and Borges, correspond very stubbornly with the motionless shielded picture frames of the paintings, behind which something could be hidden, but also protected.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy Galerie Weisser Elefant - Nele Probst - 2020
Nele Probst, 2020

Nele Probst studied visual communication and graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim and has been working in Berlin as a freelance artist in the fields of painting, sculpture and installation since 1993. In addition to her own exhibition activities, she has been working with children and young people at various schools since 2003, leading workshops at the Haus der Poesie and the Jugendkunstschule Atrium, among others.

Please note: The galerie weisser elefant work on the basis of the hygiene framework concept of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. It is recommended to book an appointment. A negative Coronatest is not necessary. However, wearing an FFP2 mask is still a prerequisite for visiting the gallery.
Up to 12 visitors are allowed in the gallery at the same time.

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Exhibition dates: Saturday, 10th July to Saturday, 6th August 2021 

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With the kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Exhibition Remuneration and Exhibition Fund

Exhibition Nele Probst – galerie weisser elefant | Zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin Contemporary Art Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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