post-title Tyra Tingleff | Imagine it Wet… | ChertLüdde | 17.09.2022-29.10.2022

Tyra Tingleff | Imagine it Wet… | ChertLüdde | 17.09.2022-29.10.2022

Tyra Tingleff | Imagine it Wet… | ChertLüdde | 17.09.2022-29.10.2022

Tyra Tingleff | Imagine it Wet… | ChertLüdde | 17.09.2022-29.10.2022

until 29.10. | #3585ARTatBerlin | ChertLüdde presents from  17. September 2022 (Vernissage: 16.09.) the exhibition „Imagine it Wet…“ by the artist Tyra Tingleff.

ChertLüdde is pleased to present the paintings of Tyra Tingleff (b. Norway, 1984) in her first solo exhibition at the gallery titled Imagine it Wet…

Presented on towering canvases, Tingleff ’s immense fields of color twist and marble into a glorious arrangement of pigments and shapes. Within each microcosmic work surges countless layers that glide into one heteroglossic surface.

Through her careful and ardent selection of colors, Tingleff explores the material and emotive thresholds of oil paint through non-figurative painting. Shrewd titles, which can be read as poetic fragments or witty retorts, echo Tingleff ’s distinctive position as an artist inventing her own approach to abstract painting within the genre’s historical framework. Maintaining the ambiguous nature of Tingleff ’s abstraction, the titles offer glimpses into the artist’s thoughts and feelings while still allowing space for independent interpretation.

Tyra Tingleff (b. 1984, Norway) lives and works between Oslo and Berlin. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, with a Master’s in Painting in 2013 and the National Academy of the Arts Bergen in 2008.

Typically kept to a portrait format, Tyra Tingleff ’s expansive visual world is fluid, limitless, punk, unrestrained. Combining a manifold of techniques in her oil paintings on raw canvas, Tingleff balances vibrant shades and hues that refract like sedimentary layers. With an infinity of decisions coursing beneath each trace the paint leaves behind, Tingleff ’s work operates at the spillage of foreground and background. Gathering various layers of pigment, Tingleff creates immense fields of color that twist and marble as they pool and sink together on the untreated fabric. Dripping and staining the linen, her smooth layers of paint appear molten, obscuring any points of reference the eye searches for. This manipulation of depth and her distinctive style allows Tingleff to stand out amongst the long lineage of abstract painters who came before her. By appealing directly to the viewer, the paintings invite one into an endless loop of deciphering, composing a febrile universe punctuated by the chance possibilities that went into each piece.

Vernissage: Friday, 16. September 2022, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 17. September 2022 until Saturday, 29. October 2022

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Caption title: Tyra Tingleff, I trap you so much, 2022, Oil on raw linen, 250 × 145 cm, Photo by Marjorie Brunet Plaza, Courtesy of the Artist and ChertLüdde, Berlin

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