post-title Sascha Weidner | AURORA | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 05.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 23.12.2020

Sascha Weidner | AURORA | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 05.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 23.12.2020

Sascha Weidner | AURORA | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 05.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 23.12.2020

Sascha Weidner | AURORA | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 05.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 23.12.2020

extended until 23.12. | #2813ARTatBerlin | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery is showing the exhibition AURORA by artist Sascha Weidner from September 5, 2020.

An orange tent stretches over the heads of visitors to the Dorothée Nilsson Gallery. In one of the exhibition’s photographs, it stands between the trees of a forest. It is illuminated; it stands out from the dark surroundings. Refuge II, the title of the picture, leaves it open whether it is the refuge of a tired traveler or a refuge of conscious departure from society.

ART at Berlin – Courtesy by Galerie Dorothee-Nilssohn - Sascha-Weidner - Courtesy Sascha Weidner Estate
Refuge II, 110 × 110 cm © 2009 Sascha Weidner Estate

Sascha Weidner’s photographs always search for light, and with it all the unknown and neglected scenes and sites upon which it falls.
The artist spoke of himself as a romantically moved traveler. His work deals with the creation of a radical subjective pictorial world, permeated by poetic dream images and moments of longing as well as signs of the unknown and melancholy. Weidner himself spoke of the act of photographing as a “refuge where utopia stages reality and reality stages utopia.“

Large parts of Weidner’s estate are now housed in the Sprengel Museum Hannover. Inka Schube, the curator of the museum, awarded Sascha Weidner a “gesture of unconditional devotion”. There are no clear boundaries between the life and photographic work of Sascha Weidner. Whether spontaneous snapshot or staging, authenticity is inherent in his pictures.

Sascha Weidner’s works capture moments of hunger for life and the urge for freedom. The photograph Idiosyncratic II shows two people romping on an invisible background and letting each other fly on their legs. The picture is upside down and the people seem to fall. Weidner emphasizes that the ecstasy of flying cannot be separated from the fear of falling.

With Aurora, the Dorothée Nilsson Gallery is showing a compilation of the works of Sascha Weidner, which has never been exhibited in this form in Berlin before. The exhibition follows loose, subjective lines of association that can be intuitively developed by the viewer far beyond the actual images.

Sascha Weidner was born in Georgsmarienhütte near Osnabrück in 1974. He studied fine arts and visual communication at the HBK Braunschweig from 1996 to 2004 and graduated with an honorary diploma. In the course of his career, Weidner was awarded various prizes and scholarships and was given the opportunity to participate in artist residency programs. The journeys he made in this context included trips to Italy,
California, Australia, Japan, and China, had a significant influence on the artist’s work.

In addition to appearing in many publications and collections, like Sprengel Museum Hanover, Museum Folkwang Essen, Berlinische Galerie or Alexander Tutsek Foundation, Weidners works have been shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide at venues including the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Foam in Amsterdam, the C/O Berlin, the Monash Gallery of Art in Melbourne, the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool and the DZBank Kunstsammlung in Frankfurt am Main.
Sascha Weidner died in 2015 in Norden, Lower Saxony.

A contribution to the European Month of Photography EMOP.

Opening: Friday, September 4, 2020, 6-9 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, September 5 – Saturday, October 31, 2020 – ATTENTION: extended until Wednesday, 23rd December 2020

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