post-title Nadja Lana + Sebastian Klug | Don’t Look Now. A Voyeuristic View | GalleryNo 10 | 08.04.-20.05.2022

Nadja Lana + Sebastian Klug | Don’t Look Now. A Voyeuristic View | GalleryNo 10 | 08.04.-20.05.2022

Nadja Lana + Sebastian Klug | Don’t Look Now. A Voyeuristic View | GalleryNo 10 | 08.04.-20.05.2022

Nadja Lana + Sebastian Klug | Don’t Look Now. A Voyeuristic View | GalleryNo 10 | 08.04.-20.05.2022

until 20.05. | #3404ARTatBerlin | GalleryNo 10 presents from 8. April 2022 the exhibition “Don’t Look Now. A Voyeuristic View” by the artists Nadja Lana and Sebastian Klug.

Gallery No 10 presents the exhibition features recent paintings and drawings by Nadja Lana and woven photography by Sebastian Klug. Each artist examines and plays with the theme of voyeurism through their chosen medium.

Nadja Lana’s thinly applied acrylic paint, in combination with other mediums such as charcoal and spray paint, allow her to create layers of figures which overlap one another and are sometimes barely visible to the viewer. We are observing, looking in on a private scene- voyeurs of an orgy of ecstatic bodies, unsure where one body begins or ends. Animal masks- at times cartoonish, at times precisely concieve- and classically shaded line drawings abound, obscuring the faces and hightening the sexual tension of the subjects. Our eye is drawn to the center of the canvas, where the ‘action’ takes place. Here bodies swirl, mounting and penetrating one another, broken up by the occasional splash of color or an architectural element. In the margins of the paintings large, unpainted areas of the cotton canvas can be seen, a technique which adds to the roughness of Nadja’s work, yet simultaneously calms the eye by leading away from the colorful intensity of the central scene.

Art at Berlin - courtesy of Gallery No10 - Nadja Lana - Ave Ceasar-Lapithes
Nadja Lana, Ave Ceasar/Lapithes, 2021, 150 x 130 cm

In her painting ‘Ave Ceasar/Lapithes’, Nadja references Greek Mythology with horse and minotaur masked figures, the title alluding to the human struggle between bestial inclinations and civilized behavior, a subject she examines again and again.

Sebastian Klug’s ‘Blues’ series is based on black and white photographs from the 1940s – 60s. Found in abandoned garden houses and Berlin flea markets, these photographs tell intimate stories of people that could have been our neighbors in a different time. Sebastian is fascinated by the glimpse these found photos offer into the private lives of strangers, and his new interpretations of these photographs spark our imagination with the unknown stories and secrets they might hold.

Art at Berlin - courtesy of Gallery No10 - Sebastian Klug - Mann im Feld
Sebastian Klug, Mann im Feld, 2018, 80 x 60 cm

In his work ‘Kaffee’ a couple sits formally at a table, dressed in their Sunday best. The tension between the two is apparent, as each one turns away from the other. A third figure, serving coffee, stands between the pair, further dividing them. We know nothing of the people in the photograph, their story lost long ago in a box at a flea market. However, by voyeuristically observing them years later, we create a new and perhaps more exciting story in our head.

Sebastian begins by photographing the found photographs with a mobile phone at twilight, which brings the turquoise- blue glimmer and noise to the picture. He then cuts the new prints into strips and weaves them together into a new, unique object. The blurry objets trouvés tell a story of their time, their melancholic protagonists veiled in an atmospheric mist that opens other channels than direct visual perceptibility.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Gallery No10 - Nadja Lana - Ähzezupp
Nadja Lana, Ähzezupp, 2021, 155 x 185 cm

Nadja Lana was born in Wuppertal, Germany. She lives and works in Dusseldorf where she is completing her studies at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf with Professor Ellen Gronemeyer. In the fall of 2020 she opened her own Atelier/Gallery in Dusseldorf. Nadja Lana has participated in exhibitions in the Rheinland as well as Berlin.

Sebastian Klug studied architecture at the TU Cottbus and photography at the Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin. He has been in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe, as well exhibitions in the United States and Turkey. Klug lives and works in Berlin.

Opening: Friday, 8. April 2022, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Friday, 8. April – friday, 20. May 2022

Special opening for the Gallery Weekend Berlin: Thursday and Friday 1 – 6 pm; Saturday noon – 4 pm – Meet the Curator Suzy Royal; Sunday noon – 4 pm – Meet the Artist Sebastian Klug.

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Image caption title: Sebastian Klug, Kaffee, 2018, 115 x 150 cm

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