post-title Marina WitteMann | SHAPE OF COLOUR | Hazegallery | 08.04-30.04.2022

Marina WitteMann | SHAPE OF COLOUR | Hazegallery | 08.04-30.04.2022

Marina WitteMann | SHAPE OF COLOUR | Hazegallery | 08.04-30.04.2022

Marina WitteMann | SHAPE OF COLOUR | Hazegallery | 08.04-30.04.2022

until 30.04. | #3380ARTatBerlin | HazeGallery presents from 8th April 2022 the exhibition SHAPE OF COLOUR  by the artist Marina WitteMann, curated by Irina Rusinovich.

After then the art world turned 180 degrees at the beginning of the XX century and the main value of a piece of art became not the form, but the work with meanings, allegories and symbols, artists began to actively look for ways of self-expression through a variety of shapes and mediums. It would seem that the goal is quite simple in its point. But what if the artist perceives what he depicts not only in the visual plane? What if the colour has a smell? Or does the sound have a taste? In science this phenomenon is called synesthesia — the perception of the world in a somewhat special way, with the connection of those senses that don’t work for other people in an alike situation. In a similar way, for example, Kandinsky depicted music in his paintings, and the composer Scriabin played his melodies with a color apparatus, assembled with his own hand.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of HazeGallery - Marina WitteMann - 1

In the XXI century many artists went further, abandoning the classical postulates of art, and began to widely use not only arts techniques, but also scientific, philosophical methodologies to create their works. This is how new media, deep media, nft-art and other trends in contemporary art appeared. All this becomes the premises for a new kind of materialism, in which the form, shape and structure of the work come to the first plane, ceasing to be just an instrument, becoming a new language of expression.

The Shape of Color project is a kind of manifest of the unlimited possibilities of our perception.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of HazeGallery - Marina WitteMann - 2

Marina WitteMann, being a synesthete, feels the world a little deeper and more fully than the other persons, she sees in color the emotional states of surrounding people, vivid experiences, pain, anger and euphoria. That is why the works presented at the exhibition strive to break out of the framework of generally accepted art forms. That which had no volume, breaks through the two-dimensional space, color acquires shape, paper — texture, depth. Each work at the exhibition is an outspoken image formed through the prism of the artist’s perception, through the fusion of several sensory levels at once.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of HazeGallery - Marina WitteMann - Energy - 2021
Energy, 2021, paint, spray colours, paper, cardboard, hardboard, 162 x 13 cm

Marina Wittemann graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute, named after V.I. Surikov in Russia. Marina exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions across Europe, South America and Asia, including Brazil, UK and China. In 2015 she completed an Exchange Program in São Paulo, Brazil at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP University). In 2017 she learned Traditional Chinese painting, Calligraphy and Metaphysics in Shanghai, China. Since 2019, the artist lives and works in Germany. Parallel she practices sculpture and continues researching for her practice at the University for the Creative Arts – Open College of the Arts (England).

Vernissage: Friday, 8 April 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 9 April to Saturday, 30 April 2022

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Title image caption: Another place, 2021, paint, spray colours, paper on canvas, 105 x 153 x 7 cm

Exhibition Marina WitteMann – HazeGallery | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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