post-title Marina Herrmann + Robert Indiana | Marina meets Robert | hilleckes probst galerie | 24.04.-12.06.2021

Marina Herrmann + Robert Indiana | Marina meets Robert | hilleckes probst galerie | 24.04.-12.06.2021

Marina Herrmann + Robert Indiana | Marina meets Robert | hilleckes probst galerie | 24.04.-12.06.2021

Marina Herrmann + Robert Indiana | Marina meets Robert | hilleckes probst galerie | 24.04.-12.06.2021

until 12.06. | #3002ARTatBerlin | hilleckes probst galerie shows from 24th April 2021 the exhibition “Marina meets Robert – an artist liaison” with works by the artist Marina Herrmann, accompanied with works by pop art artist Robert Indiana. 

“Marina meets Robert – an art liaison”: loosely based on the classic ‘boy meets girl’ genre of Hollywood films, “We proudly present. As there is a spectacular transparent cube sculpture, with which Marina Herrmann (re)finds the famous sculptures of Robert Indiana “ONE through ZERO” in an enchanting way. Counterpart and further prominent piece of the exhibition is a small Love by Robert Indiana, and other exhibits that have found their way to Berlin in cooperation with Galerie Klaus Benden in Cologne and Galerie Hafenrichter from Nuremberg. Otherwise, Herrmann’s exhibition is all about transparency, like the fascinating ceiling installation “Zeitbrücke” with its coloured acrylic glass islands. Marina Herrmann impresses with an enormous sense of subtlety and the invisible, while the works of the old master of Pop Art form the basis of Herrmann’s inspiration. What a successful tête-à-tête!

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of hilleckes probst galerie - Marina Herrmann - 2021-1
Marina Herrmann, Würfel 5 + 8, 3852-Ziffer 3 + 8, 2021,
Glass and stainless steel, total 110 x 50 x 50 cm

“Marina and Robert – an art liason” – the title-giving bond between Marina Herrmann and Robert Indiana becomes visible to the exhibition visitor through a transparent glass cube sculpture. With this, Marina Herrmann takes Robert Indiana’s sculptures “ONE through ZERO” to a new level. The number zero on the upward-facing side of the cube sculpture represents the continuation of Robert Indiana’s series of numbers from 1 to 9, which can be found in front of the shop windows of the banks in London’s Financial District. On closer inspection, if the viewer is not distracted by the ever more tangible and powerful numbers of the cube, photographic images of reflections in window panes present themselves. One imagines oneself standing in front of the shop windows of the banks of the Financial District of London next to Indiana’s number sculptures and looking at the reflections in the windows.

Würfel 5+8

The artists of Pop Art have shaped my view. Pop Art, and with it Robert India, are inseparably linked to my childhood in Cologne and the Ludwig Collection. Today I know what fascinated me there as a child: the presence of colours, their sparkling optimism, the diversity of materials, the fun of experimentation and play, as well as the courage to depict everyday life as something big, omnipresent but also poetic.

Then in New York, at the beginning of the 21st century, I encountered the works of Robert Indiana and Andy Warhol in an unexpected way: in the foyers of the banks around Times Square. In the reflections of the window panes of commerce, Robert Indiana’s “Love” and Andy Warhol’s “Flowers” interweave with the strolling people to form a new presence.

Robert Indiana’s work “ONE through ZERO” in London’s Financial District, 2014, also touched me incredibly. Here the sculptures are placed outside and invade the space of the banks. Well guarded by strict doormen who wanted to call the police because I photographed the reflections in the window panes. The sculptures literally take possession of the temples of capital. The numbers here seem to me to be an irony on the value of money. The idea of luck and chance was not so far away and so the idea arose to develop a cube that shows the numbers, the sculptures in the reflections of the banks, that mirrors ourselves, mirrors the numbers and on top of that has a zero that perhaps makes the whole game absurd again.”

– Marina Herrmann

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of hilleckes probst galerie - Marina Herrmann - 2021 - 2
Marina Herrmann, Würfel 5 + 8, 2021, Glas und Edelstahl, Gesamt 110 x 50 x 50 cm

“Alea iacta est”, as the general and statesman Julius Caesar said. The die is definitely cast for Marina Herrmann, too, and thus also for the viewer, who feels like an observer when looking at her cubi. Like a spy, the exhibition visitor standing in front of the cube procures and obtains “apparently deliberately kept secret information” when looking at Marina Herrmann’s cube: be it, for example, discovering the photographic images of reflections in the window panes on the sides of the cube or observing the other exhibition guests next to you through the plexiglass of the cube, the unexpected is always revealed. Marina Herrmann’s remark, which adorns the end of a statement by her about her cubes, could not have been more aptly formulated by her: “Have fun with it!”

Exhibition period: Saturday, 24th April – Saturday, 12th June 2021

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