post-title Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke | Phantasia | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 29.02.–04.04.2020

Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke | Phantasia | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 29.02.–04.04.2020

Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke | Phantasia | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 29.02.–04.04.2020

Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke | Phantasia | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 29.02.–04.04.2020

until 04.04. | #2694ARTatBerlin | Galerie Pugliese Levi presents from 29th February 2020 the exhibition Phantasia with paintings by the artist Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke.

This is the third solo exhibition of Danish artist Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke with Galerie Pugliese Levi. The exhibition Phantasia presents a selection of new collage-paintings, ranging from small to larger formats.

“Having been devoted to a dripping method from 2009 through to 2016, during which my paintings were purely poured lines, my work has in recent years taken a new direction, developing into collage-works with a flickering optical character.
The collage form actually originated from some left over dripping-paintings on paper, which I cut into thin strips and glued back together. By thus breaking down my
painting, it somehow re-invented itself in a new form.
Like many artists, it is the process which drives me, and here time is an important factor. My collage-paintings are slow, and it is precisely this slowness which mesmerizes me; spending endless moments of time inside the ongoing artwork, absorbed in each colour and tiny detail, yet aiming for that magical moment where I switch from being the maker to being the viewer – then the artist can step back, and the painting simply takes over.”

Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke, February 2020

Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke was born in Copenhagen in 1967. She studied painting at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris where she lived from 1986 until 2011. She currently lives and works in St Leonards-on-Sea, UK.
Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke has participated in a number of prestigious artists’ residencies around the world, including The Mark Rothko Art Centre in Latvia (2009) and The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut (2007).

ART at Berlin - Courtesy Galerie Pugliese Levi - Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke -Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke, colour-galore no 05, 2020, 240 x 180 x 3,5 cm

She has exhibited throughout Europe since the early nineties. Recent solo exhibitions include Colour Galore with Galerie Maria Lund in Paris (2018), as well as two solo shows at Galerie Pugliese Levi, Berlin (2017, 2018), This way Up at Lucy Bell Fine Arts, St Leonards-on-Sea (2014), Toquade at Politikens Forhal, Copenhagen (2012), Aspectus at Galleri Weinberger, Copenhagen (2012) and Twist &Tease at Galerie Maria Lund in Paris (2011).
Her work is included in a number of private and corporate collections in Europe, North America and Asia, including Cerruti Milan, Giorgio Armani France, Innovation Centre Denmark Boston, The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and the collection of Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils. In summer 2019, Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke was invited to present a solo exhibition Chromatic Matters at The Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre in Latvia. The show was curated by Farida Zaletilo and was her first solo exhibition in a Museum.


Vernissage: Friday, 28 February 2020, 6 pm, in the presence of the artist

Exhibition period: Saturday, 29 February – Saturday, 4 April 2020

Zur Galerie Pugliese Levi


Image caption: Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke, colour-galore no 05, 2020, 240 x 180 x 3,5 cm

Exhibition Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke – Galerie Pugliese Levi | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibition Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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