post-title LET THE MUSIC PLAY | Group exhibition | Galerie Z22 | 13.05.-02.06.2023

LET THE MUSIC PLAY | Group exhibition | Galerie Z22 | 13.05.-02.06.2023

LET THE MUSIC PLAY | Group exhibition | Galerie Z22 | 13.05.-02.06.2023

LET THE MUSIC PLAY | Group exhibition | Galerie Z22 | 13.05.-02.06.2023

until 02.06. | #3921ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 presents ab 13. Mai 2023 the Group exhibition LET THE MUSIC PLAY of the artists Kati Von Schwerin, Leah Rudolph and Stephanie Guse.

This series was inspired by the record shop “POP, Berlin”, which is known for its exquisite range of vinyl records. The shop hosts a cultural programme and exhibited my photographs in 2018.

The photographic works are exactly the same size as the long-playing records (LP) used to be. They model golden record trophies through intricate collages of found material from consumer goods such as chocolate box inlays, lush shopping bags or glamorous packaging.

Each artwork relates to a specific album such as BOB DYLAN: Nashville Skyline, DAVID BOWIE: Changes, DER PLAN: Es Ist Eine Fremde Und Seltsame Welt, EURYTHMICS: Savage, FELA: Fela & Africa 70, LCD: lcd soundsytem, MADONNA: Like a Virgin, NEIL YOUNG: Zuma, PATTI SMITH: Horses and QUEEN: Live Killers.

Kati von Schwerin’s artistic work is characterised above all by the fact that she seems to be torn between the clear structures of pop art and an intellectually charged level of content, and basically cannot and will not decide on anything. It is cerebral and a little schizophrenic, since it does not allow for a mere aesthetic, and yet makes high technical demands. And the painting ground is also treated or selected in this way: the fine portrait fabric, meticulously mounted on wooden strips, is all too often in a controversial dialogue with paintable surfaces of all kinds.The eternally nagging question of the legitimacy of the artist within our society, his function as a mouthpiece, and the resulting love-hate relationship with art are the recurring themes that experience their manifestation in the meticulous examination of artistic activity, and finally in cynical irony.

ART at Berlin - Galerie Z22 - Katie Von SchwerinARTIST STATEMENT 2017

In the course of this, self-portraits have become an integral part of the oeuvre, in order to observe oneself in the role of the artist on the one hand, and on the other hand to refer the viewer to the role of the person being viewed. The viewer as a being who is needed and wanted, and on the other hand somehow loathed because he seems to look at art empty-handed, squinting at opening snacks, and somehow trying to avoid receptive effort. The viewer is to be (challenged) and moved to think along. Simply looking, and being stimulated by shapes and colours, is plain lethargy and nothing but comfort. Comfort and art are an unequal pair, says Kati von Schwerin, which is why she always avoids holding on to a certain pictorial language or certain representations for too long. The risk of uninspired boredom, satiety or inertia is simply too high. Kati von Schwerin always wants to be able to reinvent herself, not to have to inhabit a pigeonhole or spin a red thread.

“Artists who simply give themselves over to painting and gesture, blot, wipe, spray three strokes and then go to bed satisfied are to be envied. But what is the nutritional value? Where is the intellectual stimulus that can trigger something in a self? How is one supposed to grow and progress? And how can one call oneself an artist when the only statement is “Untitled”?”

My first relationship was with a musician. He played guitar, still plays guitar professionally; it was from him that I first heard the name Pat Metheny.

Today we are separated, but still good friends. And when I bought an iPod ten or fifteen years ago, he sent me “Goin’ Ahead”. As soon as I heard that track, I had to play it again and immediately bought the album. For days I only listened to “80/81”. Later I discovered other albums, other performers. Jazz became more and more important to me. Today it is part of my daily life. Two years ago, I attended a concert by the American jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, which inspired me to translate his music into pictures. But even at the beginning of this project, I was haunted by the idea of visually recreating the music and style of other performers.

Opening: Saturday, 13. May 2023, 7pm until 10pm.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 13. May 2023 – Freitag, 2. June 2023

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Image caption: LET THE MUSIC PLAY, courtesey of Galerie Z22

Exhibition Let the music play – Galerie Z22 | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin


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