post-title Katharina Stadler | HAPPY-GO-LUCKY | Jarmuschek + Partner | 13.05.-17.06.2023

Katharina Stadler | HAPPY-GO-LUCKY | Jarmuschek + Partner | 13.05.-17.06.2023

Katharina Stadler | HAPPY-GO-LUCKY | Jarmuschek + Partner | 13.05.-17.06.2023

Katharina Stadler | HAPPY-GO-LUCKY | Jarmuschek + Partner | 13.05.-17.06.2023

until 17.06. | #3920ARTatBerlin | Jarmuschek + Partner presents from 13. May 2023 (Opening: 12.05.) the exhibition HAPPY-GO-LUCKY of the artist Katharina Stadler.

The high-contrast, strong colours of shadowy shapes and surfaces run across the fabric fields delimited by seams in Katharina Stadler’s object-like paintings. Each play of colour and form is able to reach the viewer immediately on an emotional level and evoke pipe-chess-like associations. Yet in their interconnection, the sewn and painted cotton pieces are complex collages that challenge and puzzle. Each lot is not only special and unique as a surface, but also works in a specific pictorial depth, as its own pictorial universe in which one can immerse oneself, and which nevertheless interacts and connects with the whole in a mysterious way.

Katharina Stadler’s large-format compositions are capable of evoking moments of contemplative calm and, at the same time, feelings of cheerful light-heartedness. She imagines the colours of her works at the beginning. She lets thoughts, memories and dreams flow into the multi-part painting process. Finally, she assembles something new and different from streams of consciousness that have become images. Deconstruction and re-creation can be read as a reference to human processes of processing what is experienced, imagined and felt.

Not systematic or static, but consciously and visibly manual, intuitively and individually man-made, Katharina Stadler’s colour-intensive works are able to touch us as viewers. The artist deals freely and unconstrained with her chosen medium as well as with the genre of painting. When she sews a frame around the colour surfaces with unpainted pieces of cotton, she seems to playfully, almost cheekily, make us aware of our acquired visual habits and trained pictorial expectations. She thus creates an image around the actual picture. Background, empty space and frame at the same time, these “edge pieces” may also point us to the indispensability of the image carrier for painting, to the materiality of images in general and their multidimensionality. Despite the fact that the individual seams at least form sovereign and clearly ordering internal boundaries, one may doubt the limits of the whole in view of its fragmentary nature. And yet Katharina Stadler is not concerned with the conceptual. Rather, with her light-looking, balancing compositions, she ingeniously succeeds in finding images for our often diffuse and sometimes chaotic inner worlds.

ART at Berlin - Jarmuschek + Partner - Katharina Stadler 1Katharina Stadler, Aura…Attack Incoming, 2023, acrylic on cotton (sewn), 145 x 145 cm (detail)

Katharina Stadler was born in Oberhausen in 1995 and lives in Düsseldorf. She studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from 2014, first free art with Prof. Andreas Gursky, then painting with Prof. Thomas Scheibitz. In 2021 she graduated as a master student of Prof. Thomas Scheibitz. Katharina Stadler was already represented in the curated exhibition Academy POSITIONS at the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair in 2020. With four other positions from Prof. Thomas Scheibitz’s class, she was presented last year in the group exhibition Accurate Glitch at Jarmuschek + Partner. HAPPY-GO-LUCKY is the first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Opening: Friday, 12. MAy 2023 – 6pm until 9pm.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 13. May – Saturday, 17. June 2023

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Image caption: Katharina Stadler, Overcome/Sunshower, 2023, acrylic on cotton (sewn), 145 x 170 cm (detail)

Exhibition Katharina Stadler – Jarmuschek + Partner | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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