post-title Joax + Zam Johnson | The Beautiful Ones | Galerie Z22 | 19.09.-31.10.2020

Joax + Zam Johnson | The Beautiful Ones | Galerie Z22 | 19.09.-31.10.2020

Joax + Zam Johnson | The Beautiful Ones | Galerie Z22 | 19.09.-31.10.2020

Joax + Zam Johnson | The Beautiful Ones | Galerie Z22 | 19.09.-31.10.2020

until 31.10. | #2859ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 presents the exhibition “The Beautiful Ones…” with works of painting and steel by the artists Joax and Zam Johnson from September 19, 2020.

In his sculptures Joax processes current events. He says: Almost everything that a person thinks, i.e. that which swells out of his head, flows, emerges and is activated, symbolises the desire for constant research and development. The revolution in science has managed to manipulate genes and creatures like the cloned sheep Dolly have long been reality. The human being of today’s reality is in the first generation of a duality between natural and artificially man-made life. Frightening, fascinating hybrid creatures are born. The later consequences are not known.

Through unnatural intervention, living conditions are changed, rejuvenation becomes possible, according to the desire as it has existed for thousands of years in the sense of the fountain of youth. By striving for rejuvenation, manipulated material intervenes in the natural processes of aging. Man thinks up processes with his brain, makes use of the technical possibilities and goes beyond ethical and moral concerns. Manipulation becomes an instrument, even normality. This also applies to politics and society. A new state of affairs emerges. The unnatural becomes part of the natural. New realities emerge. Fixed values break off, nothing becomes comprehensible, justifiable for humans. An ethical-moral struggle results, both mentally and in reality. A battle in mental collapse.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Z22 Galerie - Joax und Zam Johnson - your madness makes me smile in white
Your madness makes me smile in white, Joax + Zam Johnson
Reproduktion by Joax

Zam Johnson himself describes his painting style as “primitive abstractions and a visual orchestra for the eyes”.
As a painter he has always liked children’s drawings and paintings; because they are so expressive and at the same time so innocent.

“In all my paintings and drawings I actually reproduce the same content; but until the lines are only recognizable to me. But those who have studied my paintings now see and recognise the figures; faces and whatever else is behind them.
Of course I am also influenced by all the great artists of all eras. Through my numerous works as a composer for theatre and multi media events, I have also been very impressed by the colours of the stage lighting and lighting effects, which always trick the eye. This I try to transfer to the canvas.
A visual orchestra for the eyes.
While watching, there is always the possibility of a refined spontaneity and an elegance of the unexpected.
Instead of concentrating on the more than perfect style, I try to create something very special. The mystery is not what you do and what you do; but what you want.”

Soft opening: Saturday, September 19, 2020, from 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, September 19 – Saturday, October 31, 2020

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