post-title Jamie Diamond | 365 Days: 1938/2017 | Kewenig Warehouse | 15.09.-30.10.2021

Jamie Diamond | 365 Days: 1938/2017 | Kewenig Warehouse | 15.09.-30.10.2021

Jamie Diamond | 365 Days: 1938/2017 | Kewenig Warehouse | 15.09.-30.10.2021

Jamie Diamond | 365 Days: 1938/2017 | Kewenig Warehouse  | 15.09.-30.10.2021

until 30.10. | #3193ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kewenig Berlin / Warehouse currently presents the solo-exhibiton “365 Days: 1938/2017” by the artist Jamie Diamond.

KEWENIG is pleased to present Jamie Diamond’s first exhibition at Warehouse in Berlin Moabit, featuring a series of photographs. Through performance and photography, Diamond explores concepts of identity, memory and intimacy that form the core of ‘365 Days: 1938/2017’.

The starting point for this series is a family album Diamond found at a flea market during a visit to Berlin in 2015. The photographs, dating from 1938, record the first year of a young child’s life, with each page showing the child’s age in days. A year later, after the US presidential election cast a shadow over the years to come, Diamond, who was pregnant, remembered the photographs and began to identify with the child’s mother, imagining her story at the start of World War II. Diamond acted out the scenes from the 1938 pictures, using similar locations, furniture and poses, matching the album’s time frame. She then merged the two photographs into one composition, emphasising the transparency of the two images. The discrepancies between the superimposed images reveal the tensions and similarities between 1938 and 2017, Germany and America, documentation and interpretation – space, time and memory collapse into a single photograph. By mimicking the intimacy of strangers, Diamond questions the authenticity of these memories and how these images are crafted to conform to expectations. Her photographs reveal an intimacy that disappears into the collective consciousness.
She is simultaneously the author of the photographs, their subject – the viewer – and object – the observed. This paradox embodies Gilles Deleuze’s concept of the time-image, in which the different facets of an image mirror each other in a prismatic structure. For Diamond, this time-image is as a mirror, as a memory and as a stage, while she has been observing almost a century of interpersonal relationships and self-representation in her photographs.

“The mirrors are not content with reflecting the actual image, but constitute the prism, the
lens where the split image constantly runs after itself to connect up with itself”
– Gilles Deleuze, Cinema 2: The Time-Image

Jamie Diamond, '127 Days', 1938/2017, digital print mounted on dibond (detail) © Jamie Diamond, courtesy Kewenig.Jamie Diamond, ‘127 Days’, 1938/2017, digital print mounted on dibond (detail)
© Jamie Diamond, courtesy Kewenig. 

Jamie Diamond (b. 1983) lives and works in New York. Her work has recently been the subject of exhibitions at Fondazione Prada Mode, Hong Kong, and Fondazione Prada, Milan, as well as Deichtorhallen, Hamburg; Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal; Huis Marseille, Amsterdam Marseille, Amsterdam; Museo d’Arte Contemporanea della Sicilia, Palermo; MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA; Bronx Museum, New York, NY; Mana Contemporary Miami, FL, and Jersey City, NJ; and 601 Art Space, New York, NY, to name a few.

w a r e h o u s e
Wilhelmshavener Str. 7
10551 Berlin-Mobait

Exhibition dates: Wednesday, 15th September until Saturday, 30th October 2021

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