post-title Digital Art Collection (Gallery) | Martin Mohr (Salon) | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 02.10.–06.11.2021

Digital Art Collection (Gallery) | Martin Mohr (Salon) | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 02.10.–06.11.2021

Digital Art Collection (Gallery) | Martin Mohr (Salon) | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 02.10.–06.11.2021

Digital Art Collection (Gallery) | Martin Mohr (Salon) | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 02.10.–06.11.2021

until 06.11. | #3194ARTatBerlin | EIGENHEIM Berlin presents from 2nd October 2021 (Opening: 01.10.) the group exhibition “Digital Art Collection” in cooperation with the medienkunstverein Berlin (mkv) as well as the solo-show “REAL GAME PLAY” with paintings by the artist Martin Mohr shown in the salon.

EIGENHEIM Edition #5 – Digital Art Collection

A highlight of the year for EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin – the presentation of the new edition. In 2021, we will focus on digital art. In cooperation with the medienkunstverein (mkv), an edition with works by 30 national and international artists has been created. Versatile media formats from video, AR, GIFs to 360° applications have been brought together. The constitutive element of the edition is the NFC chip technology (Near Field Communication), which serves as a data exchange point for activating the works on the accompanying tablet. A playful and intuitive discovery tour through the world of digital art. The artists of the 5th edition deal with the conditions and effects of the (post)digital age on our everyday life, our culture and our society. They reflect on these and create the possibility of a contemplation that sharpens the understanding of media and enables an aesthetic experience of digital art.

Courtesy by EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin

Participating artists:

LaTurbo Avedon (Metaverse), Ines Alpha (FR), Jeremy Bailey (CAN), Banz & Bowinkel (DE), Jonas Blume (DE), Brickspacer (RUS), Manja Ebert (DE), Laura Fong Prosper (PAN/DE), Mohsen Hazrati (IRN/DE), Faith Holland (US), Kathrin Hunze (DE), Nadine Kolodziey (DE), Marc Lee (CHE) Lauren Lee McCarthy (US), Zach Liebermann (US), Tonio Mundry (DE), Mike Pelletier (CAN/NL), Pitscher (DE), Zeesy Powers (CAN), Leah Schrager (US), Theresa Schubert (DE), Dagmar Schürrer (AUT/DE), Robert Seidel (DE), Paul Sermon (UK), Caspar Stracke (DE), Systaime (FR), Ivonne Thein (DE), Manuel Tozzi (AUT/DE), Tina Wilke (DE), Ziyang Wu (CHN/US)

ART at Berlin - Digital Art Collection -Courtesy by Galerie Eigenheim 2

REAL GAME PLAY – Paintings by Martin Mohr

Martin Mohr’s painting is characterised by direct, gestural searching action. The process-oriented work in the sense of investigating the painterly means and possibilities is part of the examination of each painting. From work to work, new negotiations take place in order to unite the figurative and the non-figurative in a pictorial space. Based on a strong imagination, it seems to be equal to a playing field of content and physical examination which surface faces which figure.

Courtesy by EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin – Martin Mohr

The title Real Gameplay, taken from one of the titles of the exhibited pictures, refers to this playful, negotiating approach. What is special about the paintings of the last two years is an examination of reality anchored in the digital – at least that is what the titles of the paintings suggest to us – Source Code, Tracking, Lab, Rare Earths or Real Gameplay. It almost seems as if Martin Mohr is formulating a question here about the demands of painting in the digital age. However, the artist’s interest in the texture of the paint and the dialogue with the canvas, which is openly fought out in the studio, clearly anchor it in the real.

Opening: Friday, 1st October 2021, from 7:00 pm.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 2nd October to Saturday, 6th November 2021

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