post-title Giving yesterday a tomorrow | Iran: Architecture and Art | ifa-Galerie | 22.07.-18.09.2016

Giving yesterday a tomorrow | Iran: Architecture and Art | ifa-Galerie | 22.07.-18.09.2016

Giving yesterday a tomorrow | Iran: Architecture and Art | ifa-Galerie | 22.07.-18.09.2016

Giving yesterday a tomorrow | Iran: Architecture and Art | ifa-Galerie | 22.07.-18.09.2016

until 18.09. | #0643ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie currently shows the exhibition “Giving yesterday a tomorrow” – Iran: Architecture and Art. During the exhibition period some events will take part (please see below).

How does a society deal with its cultural heritage? How can approaches to identity, culture, tradition and history become a resource? How can we give yesterday a tomorrow, as Le Corbusier put it during a journey in 1929? In Iran, a country that can look back at several millennia of high culture, and whose cultural identity has experienced highly diverse influences and ruptures over the past five hundred years, questions like these are being asked urgently – by architects, artists, authors and scientists.

The Iranian contribution to the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, “Instant Past”, looked at different moments (and buildings) during the processes of modernisation in Iran in the 20th and 21st centuries, when a process of the recreation and reinterpretation of the historical heritage was initiated.

The photos and videos by Mehraneh Atashi and Dadbeh Bassir and Mona Hakimi-Schüler’s collages and her installation explore traditional technologies, old legends and Persian poetry, looking at their significance in today’s social and political contexts and reflecting the transformation of traditional norms in a rapidly changing world. Both Iranian architecture and these artistic positions question seemingly binary categories of past and present, tradition and modernity, seeking to combine them and make them productive for the future.


Sunday, 11 September 2016, 2 – 5 pm
Excursion – Radius #2

The architectural excursion invites to a vivid dialogue with the local urban context of Berlin.

Whether private residential buildings, picnic restaurants or sports complexes – in the exhibition contribution “Instant Past”, building forms from three different eras in the history of Iranian architecture testify to the creative dynamics that is engendered when the yesterday encounters the tomorrow.

Meeting point: ifa Gallery Berlin
Admission free. Limited number of participants. In English.
Registration requested until 8 September 2016.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 7 pm
Workshop – Constellations #3: Poetry meets City – a lyric workshop

How can the „yesterday in tomorrow“ translated into sound? Playing with voice and rhythm, repetition and pause, breath and tuba, the artist Mehraneh Atashi explores the border zones of poetry and video art. In her works, she transfers Persian poetry into the contemporary urban space of Tehran.

In a workshop we develop our own poetic forms.
Admission free. Limited number of participants. In German.
Registration request until 26 August 2016.

Information and registration
Tel.: +49 30 2844 9140 / Mail:

Exhibition talks and workshops for groups on request.

Vernissage: Thursday, 21st July 2016, 19 Uhr

Exhibition period: Friday, 22ndJuly – Sunday, 18th September 2016

Zur ifa-galerie


Image caption: via ifa-Galerie – Dem Gestern ein Morgen geben – Iran: Architektur und Kunst

Exhibition Iran: Architecture and Art – ifa-Galerie – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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