here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Online: ARE YOU FOR REAL | ifa-Galerie Berlin | since 08.12.2020

until (to be announced) | #2940ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie currently shows the Online Exhibition ARE YOU FOR REAL, a web-based project for interactive artistic practices to promote international cultural exchange. Imagine you are standing in the micro-studio of a street artist in Luanda, and the next moment you find yourself behind a guy picking up money […]

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Rebecca Horn + Antonio Paucar | TIME GOES BY | ifa-gallery Berlin | 10.09.-11.10.2020

until 11.10. | #2835ARTatBerlin | ifa-gallery is showing the exhibition TIME GOES BY by the artists Rebecca Horn and Antonio Paucar from September 10, 2020. The world is out of kilter. What form might international artistic and cultural exchange take on during a global pandemic? ifa Gallery Berlin takes advantage of this moment of immobility […]

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In the Presence/Absence of Mazen Kerbaj | ifa-galerie Berlin | 28.02.-17.05.2020

until 17.05. | #2702ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie shows from 28th February 2020 the exhibition In the Presence/Absence of Mazen Kerbaj, curated by Hatem Kerbaj. Mazen Kerbaj’s art deploys two tropes that are not uncommon in underground comics: autobiography and politics. An amalgamation of the personal and the historical. Yet his work extends beyond the panels of […]

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SEEDS FOR FUTURE MEMORIES | ifa-galerie Berlin | 12.07.-18.08.2019

until 18.08. | #2522ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie currently presents the exhibition SEEDS FOR FUTURE MEMORIES – Voicing the two ends of migration with artworks by Johanna Bramble, Aliou (Badou) Diack, Juan Pablo Macías, Fabrice Monteiro, Mario Pfeifer, Judith Raum and Lerato Shadi. Two years ago, the artists’ residencies at Villa Romana, Florence and the Thread in […]

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Riots: Slow Cancellation of the Future | chapter 4 | ifa-galerie Berlin | 26.01.-01.04.2018

until 01.04. | #1837ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie shows from 26th January 2018 the exhibition „Riots: Slow Cancellation of the Future“, chapter 4 „On Riots and Resistance“ of the series „Untie to Tie“. About the exhibition and the public programme The exhibition and the public programme in Chapter 4 of Untie to Tie examine structural conditions of […]

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Women on Aeroplanes | First iteration | ifa-Galerie Berlin | 30.11.-03.12.2017

until 03.12. | #1740ARTatBerlin | ifa-galerie Berlin shows from 30th November 2017 the exhibition Women on Aeroplanes. Women on Aeroplanes // First iteration FILTER Editing Room (Lectures & Film Screenings) Women on Aeroplanes is a research-based project, which aims to get an idea of a more comprehensive notion of independence and allows to see and […]

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Wura Natasha Ogunji | Every Mask I Ever Loved | ifa-Galerie Berlin | 28.09.2017-14.01.2018

until 14.01. | #1623ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie shows from 28th September 2017 the exhibition “Every Mask I Ever Loved” by the artist Wura Natasha Ogunji. In “Every Mask I Ever Loved” Wura-Natasha Ogunji presents a series of newly commissioned drawings and performances – including re-creations of her performances “Sweep”, “The Kissing Mask”, and “If I loved […]

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UNTIE TO TIE – On Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies – Chapter 1 Kolmanskop Dream | ifa-Galerie Berlin | 31.03.-11.06.2017

until 11.06. | #1166ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie Berlin shows from 31th March 2017 with the artist Pascale Marthine Tayou the first chapter of the exhibition of the research project „UNTIE TO TIE – On Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies“. Introduction With its one-year research and exhibition program ”UNTIE TO TIE – On Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies”, the ifa-Galerie Berlin explores […]

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Giving yesterday a tomorrow | Iran: Architecture and Art | ifa-Galerie | 22.07.-18.09.2016

until 18.09. | #0643ARTatBerlin | ifa-Galerie currently shows the exhibition “Giving yesterday a tomorrow” – Iran: Architecture and Art. During the exhibition period some events will take part (please see below). How does a society deal with its cultural heritage? How can approaches to identity, culture, tradition and history become a resource? How can we give yesterday a […]

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