post-title Hirofumi Fujiwara | Edge of Fantasies | galerie burster | 17.06.-16.07.2022

Hirofumi Fujiwara | Edge of Fantasies | galerie burster | 17.06.-16.07.2022

Hirofumi Fujiwara | Edge of Fantasies | galerie burster | 17.06.-16.07.2022

Hirofumi Fujiwara | Edge of Fantasies | galerie burster | 17.06.-16.07.2022

until 16.07. | #3504ARTatBerlin | galerie burster berlin is currently presenting the exhibition Edge of Fantasies with works by the artist Hirofumi Fujiwara.

Fujiwara’s figures, pre-modeled from clay and cast in plastic, rest within themselves. In contemplative poses, his sculptures, each one unique, stand, sit or lie in space, sometimes surrounded by transparent acrylic glass panes, their gaze directed into the indefinite. The reduced coloring of their skin, hair, and clothing leaves the materiality and physicality of his figures even more attention.

Fuijwara’s Neutopians are hybrid beings in several senses. They bear references to the Japanese as well as the European-Western cultural sphere, and beyond that they do not allow themselves to be firmly attributions. During the process of creation, memory and serendipity play an important role for Fujiwara. He is inspired by the character traits and attributes of individuals from his personal environment, without, however, striving for a detailed reproduction.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of galerie burster - Hirofumi Fujiwara -Neutopian
Hirofumi Fujiwara, Neutopian (Edge of Fantasies), 2022, plastic, wood, 70 x 30 x 40 cm  

Thus, his hybrid beings move between fantasy and concrete moments of memory and are also emblematic of our increasingly present fluid realities, in which memory and future, digital and analog, fake and real merge with each other.

Although, or precisely because, as androgynous, ageless-looking human/non-human beings, they defy all stereotypes, his figures, in their peculiarity as a projection surface, act like a reset button that reminds us viewers each time anew of just being. Fujiwara’s Neutopians are silent, immanent companions that allow our eversearching gaze, our mind always focused on impulses and stimuli, to come to rest and remain in the moment.

Hirofumi Fujiwara (*1984 in Hiroshima, Japan) graduated in 2015 as a master student of Prof. Stephan Balkenhol at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe. He lives and works in Hamburg.

Opening: Friday, 17. June 2022, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Friday, 17. June – Saturday, 16. July 2022

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