post-title Hana Usui | Black End | Galerie Dittmar | 09.03.-24.04.2018 – extended until 05.05.2018

Hana Usui | Black End | Galerie Dittmar | 09.03.-24.04.2018 – extended until 05.05.2018

Hana Usui | Black End | Galerie Dittmar | 09.03.-24.04.2018 – extended until 05.05.2018

Hana Usui | Black End | Galerie Dittmar | 09.03.-24.04.2018 – extended until 05.05.2018

until 05.05. | #1914ARTatBerlin | Galerie Dittmar currently shows the exhibitition “Black End” with new artworks by Hana Usui.

The Japanese artist Hana Usui, born in Tokyo in 1974, moved to Vienna in 2000 after completing a calligraphy-education. One reason for this decision was to emancipate herself from the cultural imprints of her homeland, with the early experiences varied in the subsequent work. But the forces that had to be mobilized to break away from the previous paths unlocked the creative potential for everything that follows. This concerns the richness of line language, the way in which drawing and painting are combined, the spatial conception, the different, always broken content references. The intensity of the leaves is thereby potentiated by their behavior.

Exhibitions include the Metropolitan Art Museum of Tokyo, the Museum Residenzgalerie Salzburg, the Kupferstich-Kabinett of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and the Kupferstichkabinett of the Staatliche Museen Berlin. For the exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Wien 2012 and the Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren 2016 a cataloge was published with texts on the artist by Anne Buschhoff, Bernhard Maaz and Andreas Schalhorn. The catalog of the gallery Dittmar of 2015 contained essays by Michael Astroh (Between drawing and painting, on the image design in the work of Hana Usui) and Marietta Mautner-Markhof (Hana Usui: Black Rain). In the April issue of 2018 of the Kunstforum, Hana Usui is represented in the section “Drawing at the time” supervised by Reinhard Ermen.

The solo exhibition 2015 “Schwarzer Regen” in the Bildraum 01 in Vienna found broad international resonance. In this work show, which also includes installative elements, Hana Usui deals with a still and again virulent subject, the atomic bombing of Japan. As a result, political, social, and especially Japan-related issues such as Fukushima or the death penalty continued to be important to the artist, which was compounded by personal circumstances. This exhibition focuses on groups of works from this area; their title expresses the significance that lies in the finality of these events.

Vernissage: Friday, 9th March 2018, 07:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 9th March to Tuesday, 24th April 2018 – extended until 05.05.2018!

Zur Galerie Dittmar


Image caption: Prypjat. From the cycle “No more Fukushimas”, 2017, oil and ink, 55 x 68 cm

Exhibition Hana Usui – Galerie Dittmar | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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