post-title Falk Haberkorn + Sven Johne | Sing Hallelujah! | KLEMM’S | 02.11.-21.12.2019

Falk Haberkorn + Sven Johne | Sing Hallelujah! | KLEMM’S | 02.11.-21.12.2019

Falk Haberkorn + Sven Johne | Sing Hallelujah! | KLEMM’S | 02.11.-21.12.2019

Falk Haberkorn + Sven Johne | Sing Hallelujah! | KLEMM’S | 02.11.-21.12.2019

until 21.12. | #2617ARTatBerlin | KLEMM’S shows from 2nd November 2019 the exhibition Sing Hallelujah! with works by the artists Falk Haberkorn and Sven Johne.

In spring 2019, Falk Haberkorn and Sven Johne undertook their second joint road trip through the east of the country – exactly 15 years after their first trip. Again with the loosely laid out intention to take up what they have seen and experienced and to reflect on the found situations in their own and joint works. It was clear that time had progressed and some things had changed…- the current social climate, the heated debates, the alleged ruptures and disagreements are well known…Falk Haberkorn and Sven Johne understand Sing Hallelujah! as a joint project to gain an impression, as a critical inventory and comparison of their own attitude and artistic position in equal measure. Haberkorn focuses on the motorhome ‘vehicle’ of the journey and the immediate impressions of the night journey – these are talking images of isolation, bunker mentality, surfaces where one slips, strange details of empty places. Sven Johne focuses on disused production facilities – factories, tool halls, sports facilities, social space. Processing and the consequences… A text/sound work joins the visual level – conversations and exchanges about what has been seen and experienced intersect with disco music and are at the same time soundtrack and background noise of an extended night drive.

Falk Haberkorn
Coming from conceptual photography, Falk Haberkorn (*1974, lives in Leipzig) has in recent years turned to the border between image and language, between images and speech, photo and text. The confrontation with memory and tradition, with preservation and deletion, transmission and loss, forms the basis for his increasingly performative works over the past few years.

Sven Johne
Sven Johne’s (*1976, lives in Berlin) films and photography cycles move in the field between fiction and documentation, focusing on the interlinking of texts, information, stories and history. They function as critical metaphors and alternative ‘myths’, as mirrors and seismographs for a social constitution in which the pressure of global change is increasingly felt unfiltered at the individual level.

Vernissage: Friday, 1 November 2019, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition period: Friday, 1 November – Saturday, 21st December 2019

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Image caption: Haberkorn/Johne: DEEP/BLUE/NIGHT, video loop, 45 min, still, 2019

Exhibition Falk Haberkorn + Sven Johne – KLEMMS | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries| ART at Berlin

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