post-title Bodo Korsig | ZEITSTURZ | AOA;87 | 03.11.-22.12.2023

Bodo Korsig | ZEITSTURZ | AOA;87 | 03.11.-22.12.2023

Bodo Korsig | ZEITSTURZ | AOA;87 | 03.11.-22.12.2023

Bodo Korsig | ZEITSTURZ | AOA;87 | 03.11.-22.12.2023

until 22.12. | #4080ARTatBerlin | AOA;87 shows from 03. November 2023 (Opening: 02.11.) the exhibition ZEITSTURZ by the German multimedia artist Bodo Korsig.

In the exhibition, the artist presents various media from his extensive oeuvre, such as cutouts made of felt and wood from the series “window of the mind”, LED illuminated signs with slogans such as “Balance”, “enough” and “Intensity of the moment”, woodcuts, wall objects made of metal, and the interactive video installation “Shattering dreams, 2023”.

ART at Berlin - courtesy AOA;87 - Bodo Korsig 2 Bodo Korsig, Break the Limit, 2023, wood and paper, 27 x 21 cm, courtesy AOA;87

His works from the series “window of the mind”, which he creates in different materials, sometimes felt, sometimes wood or aluminium, are hung at a distance from the presenting wall. The resulting shadows create a three-dimensional effect that initalises a scan of the memory content and can arouse enormous emotions. Korsig’s intense preoccupation with the human brain awakens associations with neuronal networks, cell structures or viral proliferations. It is the play with ambivalent emotions and the irritation of one’s own visual experience that appeals to the artist.

ART at Berlin - courtesy AOA;87 - Bodo Korsig 6Bodo Korsig, Webes of life, 2021, filz, 145 x 130 cm, courtesy AOA;87

Shattering dreams, 2023

The interactive video installation “Shattering dreams” by Bodo Korsig creates a world in which oversized spiders run along the walls and pursue the visitors. They have the option of escaping the spiders, but they can also decide to face them courageously and fight them off. “Shattering Dreams” playfully invites viewers to face and explore their fears. It also allows us to show empathy and compassion for the fears of our fellow human beings. It reminds us that overcoming fears is a lifelong process.

ART at Berlin - courtesy AOA;87 - Bodo Korsig 4 Bodo Korsig, Falling time, 2023, steel, powder coated, 33 x 25 cm, courtesy AOA;87

Bodo Korsig (*1962, Zwickau), who lives in Trier, is undoubtedly one of the most unconventional German artists of the present day, whose oeuvre masters the balancing act between sensitivity and brutality like hardly any other. His work includes video art, spatial installations, sculptures, paintings, prints, photographs and art books. In his work, Korsig explores the boundaries of philosophy and science by questioning personal identity, how the human mind is composed and how these boundaries can be influenced, for example, by extreme conditions.

ART at Berlin - courtesy AOA;87 - Bodo Korsig 5 Bodo Korsig, Time crash, 2023, Filz, 400 x 60 cm, courtesy AOA;87

His vocabulary is provocative and enigmatic at the same time. Many of his works seem strange and yet strangely familiar. Some of them seem to be derived from everyday objects, but they fit into a new overall context. The visual events are often highly lyrical, be it his videos, which are sometimes underpinned with morbid poetry, or Korsig’s titles of works such as “traces of life”, “Gedankensplitter” or “window of the mind”.

ART at Berlin - courtesy AOA;87 - Bodo Korsig 1Portrait of the artist, courtesy AOA;87

Korsig studied sculpture at the Berlin School of Advertising and Design from 1986 to 1990 and has been a lecturer in woodcut and printmaking at the European Academy of Art in Trier since 1992. In addition to numerous projects in public spaces, such as the installation “Connecting the dots – Challenge the status quo”, 2018 in the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, he has received numerous international prizes and grants and is represented in well over 50 museum collections, including the National Gallery of Art, Washington,D.C., USA, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, the Deutsche Bank Collection Frankfurt, Germany or the Czech Museum of Fine Arts Prague, Czech Republic. Korsig has been shown internationally in over 200 solo and group exhibitions since the 1990s.

Opening: Thursday, 2 November, 7 – 10 pm

Exhibition dates:Friday, 3 November – Friday, 22 December 2023

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Image caption: Bodo Korsig, Enough, 2023, neon sign, 50 x 10 x 5 cm, courtesy AOA;87

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