post-title Anna Nero | Testing into Compliance | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 12.11.2022-21.01.2023

Anna Nero | Testing into Compliance | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 12.11.2022-21.01.2023

Anna Nero | Testing into Compliance | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 12.11.2022-21.01.2023

Anna Nero | Testing into Compliance | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph | 12.11.2022-21.01.2023

until 21.01. | #3656ARTatBerlin | FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph (FWR) presents from 12. November 2021 the exhibition Testing into Compliance by the artist Anna Nero.

“I locate my work in (a) polarity of image worship and image prohibition – I try to represent the unrepresentable.”
Anna Nero, 2021

Anna Nero (b. 1988 in Moscow) works pictorially and sculpturally effectively with contrasts and tests their symbiotic moments. According to the exhibition title “Testing into Compliance”, the round pairs with the angular, still life thrives in the ambience of the hard edge, technical cooperates with organic,… summasumarum a sexiness with calculation.

ART at Berlin - Anna Nero - LYME - Foto A.N.
Anna Nero, LYME, 2022, oil and acrylic on canvas, 160x125cm, Photo Anna Nero

“Testing into Compliance” is artist Anna Nero’s second solo show at FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph and follows on from her inaugural show “Fingers in many pies” (2020). Institutional shows such as at the MdBK Leipzig (2022) and especially the participation in the exhibition “Jetzt! Young Painting in Germany,” which toured the art museums of Wiesbaden, Bonn, Chemnitz, and Hamburg from 2019-20, helped Anna Nero become more widely known. In addition, the artist regularly shares her creative activities with her community on Instagram. And that is just as important to her as her presence in the white cube!

“I scratch the surface of all things, their texture, materiality, functionality, context, even their essence or agenda.”

For her new solo show “Testing into Compliance”, Anna Nero is planning a special on[1]site staging. Thus, her new large- and small-format canvases and glazed ceramics will be exhibited for the first time in the context of an immersive presentation of wall[1]filling murals. Two walls in the gallery space are covered with monumental color composites based on sections of Nero’s paintings. The oversized color bulges, traces of gestures, and haptic objects that appear in between also recur to the artist’s canon of form and color, unfolding here for the first time with radical freedom and clever self-assurance.

ART at Berlin - Anna Nero - Maria - Foto A.N.
Anna Nero, Maria, 2020, ceramic, 33×26,5x10cm, Photo Anna Nero

The starting point for Anna Nero’s canvas works are strict, sharp-edged grids that pre[1]structure the surface when placed on the painting support. These are followed by free, playful gestures that attach themselves to the grid and thus appear ordered. “The different painting modes, between systematic and intuitive, facilitate the process for me and correspond to different states of mind I go through as a producer.” In keeping with the exhibition’s title, “Testing into Compliance,” the motifs of the new works are centered on themes ranging from science, the laboratory, and faith in science to conspiracy theories. Indeed, Nero’s paintings seem to want to assure themselves of a technical manageability of their testemonials. In “Lyme” (2022), monumentally staged, a blue drop shape lies embedded in a recess adapted to its curves in a light blue surface. In this way, this smart combination recalls the logic of a joint in its capsule. And yet it lacks the usual functionality when, in the large-format painting “Owner of a lonely heart (big Plumbus)” (2022), the skin-colored dildo-like object opens the head of the penis in profile to the mouth, sitting on a screw-like base in a similar rose hue. While the context suddenly changes, as the view reproduced in the elevation reveals the view below of a blue-metallic modeled pipe, which transports the supposed content of the surreal figure beyond the image field to flow off into the imaginary off …

ART at Berlin - Anna Nero - Big Plumbus - Foto A.N.
Anna Nero, Cold Pressed Juice, 2022, oil and acrylic on canvas, 40x30cm, Photo A.N.

Anna Nero’s ceramics confront the viewer with self-confidence. Like little aliens, the miniatures with their high glossy and squeaky colored glaze sit, lie, crawl and munch themselves on small wall shelves between the canvases and at the same time populate the exhibition space of the gallery placed on free-standing pedestals. These creatures arouse the viewer’s empathy. And at the same time he becomes aware that we live in a world shaped by humans, and yet feel helpless. Artists acknowledge the disappearance of the separation between nature and culture. And so “(…) artists could be the anthropologists of our new relational landscape (….) (Nicolas Bourriaud in his new essay “Inclusions Aesthetics of the Capitalocene” (2022/23).

ART at Berlin - Anna Nero - Big Plumbus - Foto A.N.
Anna Nero, Big Plumbus, 2022, oil and acrylic on canvas, 180x130cm, Photo Anna Nero

What makes Anna Nero’s artistic world so fascinating is its charming resistance to supposed boundaries to the point of militantly provocative self-assertion. It is about a new attitude of connection (Kae Tempest) and inclusion (Nicolas Bourriaud) that boldly confronts a social segregation founded by Western capitalism. The supposed status distinctions between subject and object are vehemently undermined. To the “dry fetishism” that capitalism offers us, the artist Anna Nero, with her paintings and ceramics, opposes art as a spiritual substance of life, as a space that revitalizes and outlasts times and civilizations…

ART at Berlin - Anna Nero - Autopsy - Foto A.N.
Anna Nero, Autopsy, 2022, oil and acrylic on canvas, 130x100cm, Photo Anna Nero

Anna Nero (born 1988 in Moscow) studied fine arts or painting at the Kunsthochschule Mainz with Prof.Anne Berning (2009-2012) and at the HGB Leipzig with Prof. Ingo Meller and Prof. Oliver Kossack (2012-2016), to graduate in 2017 ibda. with the master student with Prof. H.C.Ottersbach. Since 2019, Anna Nero has been an adjunct professor at the Kunsthochschule Mainz. The artist received some awards and grants such as from Kunstfonds Bonn (2020), Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN (2019), Cusanuswerk (2011-17) and residency grants for Myanmar, Columbus, Ohio and Detroit among others. Anna Nero regularly presents her work in solo exhibitions such as at the galleries FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph, Berlin and Schierke Seinecke, Frankfurt (since 2019) as well as institutionally with “CONNECT” at MdBK Leipzig (2022), Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim (2018) among others. She also gained great attention through regular group shows such as the “JETZT!…” exhibition at the museums Wiesbaden, Bonn, Chemnitz and Deichtorhallen Hamburg (2019-20), at the Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Erfurt (2021), “DREI Generationen” at Ausstellungshalle1A, Frankfurt/M (2021), SheBAM, Leipzig (2021), at the Jewish Community Center, Frankfurt/M (2020) and many more.

Opening: Saturday, 12. November 2022, 12:00 – 6:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 12. November 2022 to Saturday, 21. January 2023

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Image caption title: Anna Nero, Laila TOV, 2021, ceramic, 15x25x15cm, Photo Anna Nero

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