post-title 48 hrs | Semjon Contemporary | 25.05.+26.05.2019

48 hrs | Semjon Contemporary | 25.05.+26.05.2019

48 hrs | Semjon Contemporary | 25.05.+26.05.2019

48 hrs | Semjon Contemporary | 25.05.+26.05.2019

until 26.05. | #2480ARTatBerlin | Semjon Contemporary is presenting the exhibition 48 hrs with all artists of the gallery on only two days (25 + 26 May 2019) on the occasion of the imminent temporary closure of the gallery spaces.

Unusual circumstances require unusual measures. Due to the Berggruen Holding’s renovation of Schröderstraße 1 for the tenants – mainly for the benefit of the holding – the gallery has to close for a longer period of time.

For the artists* inside the gallery, but also for the gallery, this means a loss of presence for a period not yet precisely defined and thus the loss of the possibility of selling their art. For all gallery visitors*, the presentation of artworks in the small cabinet rooms such as the Schaulager or the office (often also in the other rooms) in Semjon’s Hängung is an appreciated institution within the gallery’s programme and its appearance. This concept has helped to secure the gallery’s economic base for almost eight years.

Therefore, in order to survive the coming economic drought, the 48 hrs exhibition, which lasts only two days, has been created. As a thank-you for the loyalty of the returning gallery visitors and as an incentive to buy, i.e. to promote the artists* and the gallery, there will be a one-off sales campaign with a 20 percent discount on all exhibited works of art. And another novelty is to be announced:
For the first time, works of art by the gallery owner, the artist in the Sabbatical, will also be on view at Semjon Contemporary, as they have been brought back to light by the total clearance of the basement storage rooms and bear eloquent witness to the history of this location. KioskShop berlin (KSb), the Gesamtkunstwerk developed successively from 2000-2011, formed the basis for the founding of the gallery with its cycle of 33 exhibitions of invited artists* within this Gesamtkunstwerk dominated by it. His successful interim artwork, again a Gesamtkunstwerk, the Construction of Modernism – The Berlin Collection Dr. Carl Theodor Gottlob Grouwet (1919), pushed the decision to found Semjon Contemporary in 2010. The architecture of Semjon Contemporary’s street salon is a relic of this installation and refers to the shop architecture of the KioskShop behind the presented walls.

48 hrs will be a visual concert with works by all artists*. Some of them don’t even know the original Product Sculptures of the KioskShop berlin or the Structural Drawings of their gallery owner.

The gallery will reopen its rooms at the latest on 25 August 2019 for the exhibition opening of Ursula Sax – Tanz in den Raum: Das Geometrische Ballett and other performative projects, parallel to the premiere of the new version of the ballet on 6 September at Radialsystem Berlin.

Your Semjon H. N. Semjon* and the artists of the gallery:

Colin Ardley, Edward Buchanan, Takayuki Daikoku, Ute Essig, Katja Flint, Renate Hampke, Marc von der Hocht, Nataly Hocke, Susanne Knaack, Harald Kohlmetz, Katja Kollowa, Dittmar Krüger (Dittmar Danner aka Krüger), Michael Kutschbach, Henrik U. Müller, Susanne Pomrehn, Thomas Prochnow, Dirk Rathke, Ursula Sax, Gerda Schütte, Gil Shachar, Karina Spechter, Klaus Steinmann, Stefan Thiel, Hitomi Uchikura, Royden Watson and Bettina Weiß

Please contact the gallery for inquiries about the works of the artists.

Vernissage: Friday, 24th May 2019, 7.00 – 9.30 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 25th + Sunday, 25th May 2019, each one from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Zu Semjon Contemporary


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