post-title Summerspecial ’18 | Group Exhibition | TVD ART | 08.06-31.08.2018

Summerspecial ’18 | Group Exhibition | TVD ART | 08.06-31.08.2018

Summerspecial ’18 | Group Exhibition | TVD ART | 08.06-31.08.2018

Summerspecial ’18 | Group Exhibition | TVD ART | 08.06-31.08.2018

until 31.08. | #2113ARTatBerlin | TVD ART currently shows the Group Exhibition Summerspecial ’18 with paintings by the artists Anna Afanasjeva, Agate Apkalne, Anna Baklane, Flera Birmane, Krista Dzudzilo, Svitlana Galdetska, Vineta Priste –  Karkla, Valentyna Protsak, Elena Tarasenko, Vija Zarina, Georgios Kitsos, Paulis Postazs, Kalvis Zalitis und Kaspars Zarins.

Contemporary painting in the gallery TVD ART in Berlin-Charlottenburg

“Hot town, summer in the city” sang in 1966, a well-known US pop band, owed a hot summer, which then let out the American cities. No less hot at the time of the Italian Renaissance on the latitudes of Rome, Florence and Venice, but Petrarca reported in the 14th century at the end of one of his sonnets to the beloved Laura: “I do not know what I want, I want not what i know. I’m cold in the summer and hot in the winter. ”

Petrarch’s land of “dolce vita” is still afflicted by heatwaves, as is the metropolis of Berlin, despite its northern location supposedly one of the warmest cities in Germany and in the 1920s the focal point of a new style: the “New Objectivity”.

Artists of the TVD ART gallery in Berlin-Charlottenburg were inspired by this as well as by the Italian renaissance. With their “Summer Special ’18” they promise cool to hot temperatures until the end of August.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie TVD ART - Paulis PostaszPaulis Postazs, Venus of Riga,
2013, Oil on Canvas, signed, 120 x 180 cm

Coquettish yet relaxed, Paulis Postazs 2013 “Venus of Riga” offers a mirror in his hand. Postazs, almost a veteran of Latvian contemporary art, created a modern version of a popular theme by Italian renaissance painters such as Titian, Bellini or Giorgione.

Finally, Édouard Manet ventured in 1863 with his “Olympia” a contemporary version of the subject, which at the time, however, a scandal aroused. But Postazs does not want to provoke, but rather satirise with a wink: instead of a window view of a lovely fantasy landscape as the Italian greats is in the background, the silhouette of his hometown of Riga, and the beautiful, for the artist’s wife probably sat model , does not rest on an elegant, well-draped bed, but on a makeshift stock of blankets and towels.

Elena Tarasenko, born in Riga in 1981, literally turns her back on the observer in her latest cycle “Retrospect”: with sophisticated bright red fingernails, the young woman examines the position of her hair and has, from her perspective, a clear view of a dream-like tree. and sky scenery, which she disguises by her head in close-up to the spectator. As with the painters of the New Objectivity

The artist puts emphasis on the smallest detail and seeks to come to a mood of the surreal with a meticulous reproduction of the real and an old master technique.

Valentyna Protsak, born in 1988, who studied art and design in Switzerland, again portrays women in a rhythmically expressive style, as if in a fleeting moment, in order to characterize the torn pace of today’s life.

Last but not least, pictures of Svitlana Galdetska, born in the Ukraine in 1961, create a summery flair for TVD ART: the protagonists are the two daughters, who live in a landscape of light and air, clouds, wind and shadow, sea and sand masterful photorealism can playfully act.

Dr. Phil. Angelika Leitzke

ART at Berlin – Courtesy of TVD ART – Kaspars Zarins
Kaspars Zarins, *1962 Riga – lives there,
My Home, 2011 – Oil on Canvas, signed, dated – 200 x 170 cm

Exhibition period: Friday, 8th June – Friday, 31st August 2018

Zur TVD ART Galerie


Image caption cover: Paulis Postazs, Venus of Riga, 2013, Oil on Canvas, signed, 120 x 180 cm

Summerspecial ’18 – Group Exhibition – TVD ART | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin

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