post-title Stefan Schiek | LOOKING UP | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

Stefan Schiek | LOOKING UP | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

Stefan Schiek | LOOKING UP | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

Stefan Schiek | LOOKING UP | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

until 22.08. | #2789ARTatBerlin  | EIGENHEIM Berlin presents from Friday, 24th July 2020 the solo show LOOKING UP with paintings, drawings, reliefs and sculptures by the artist Stefan Schiek.

Stefan Schiek was a 2019 scholarship holder of the Free State of Thuringia. After his final presentation on this scholarship, the Eigenheim Gallery is now showing the second part of the exhibition in Berlin over the summer months to provide a further insight into the artist’s extensive oeuvre.

You can now read an excerpt from the catalogue published in conjunction with the grant from Susanne Knorr, curator of Kunstmuseen Erfurt.

„(…) In his current paintings, drawings, reliefs and sculptures, which move between figuration (Looking up! series) and abstraction (Warscapes complex, Unfold series) and possess great visual appeal, the artist, born in 1976 Ulm, leads us into seemingly extraterrestrial realms, at least into a future narrative era. This is suggested by the subjects, which are presented in a concise pictorial language, only in excerpts: unidentifiable spaces for action, indeterminable surfaces as well as indefinable flying objects, round or angular, which float through space or penetrate it at high speed (the effective use of extreme diagonals suggests high speed). Situations with or without figures acting in them, which either face the objects or make them the object of investigation with great interest.

Despite their reduced form and supposedly easy to read motifs, Stefan Schiek‘s works contain a lot of mystery. With these constellations reminiscent of science fiction material, he enters into a discourse about today and tomorrow without fading out yesterday. What are the great visions of our complex, globalized society and of each individual? How do we face our future? How independent, free and imaginative do we think? Do we sufficiently allow a really future-oriented thinking? Are we asking ourselves enough? Where are the social and technical utopias? Or are we trapped in dystopias, an all-crippling pessimism about the future or inhibiting security thinking and action? How big is the discrepancy between social and scientific perspectives on the future? These are the questions that move Stefan Schiek and which he integrates into his artistic work (…)“

Stefan Schiek uses industrial paint on an aluminium base. The works appear smooth, clean, almost machine-made, but the painting process is connected with a great physical effort. Countless layers of lacquer are developed through frequent sanding and applying not only a depth and transparency unusual for lacquer paint, but also a surface similar to relief through underpainting. In the current exhibitions Schiek goes a big step further and shows besides painting also drawings, wall objects and bronze figures.

Vernissage: Friday, 24 July 2020, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., with an opening speech by Susanne Knorr (curator of the Kunstmuseen Erfurt)

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 25 July to Saturday, 22 August 2020

Finissage / Artists’ evening: Saturday, 22 August 2020, from 7:00 p. m.

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