post-title Timo Herbst | EXCEPTIONS FROM ALL DIRECTIONS | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

Timo Herbst | EXCEPTIONS FROM ALL DIRECTIONS | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

Timo Herbst | EXCEPTIONS FROM ALL DIRECTIONS | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

Timo Herbst | EXCEPTIONS FROM ALL DIRECTIONS | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.07.–22.08.2020

until 22.08. | #2790ARTatBerlin  | EIGENHEIM Berlin presents from Friday, 24th July 2020 at the salon drawing, video and installation by the artist Timo Herbst.

Timo Herbst examines patterns in the flows of movement that inform the contexts in which we live. In his research he focuses on various cultural, social and political situations, from which he isolates existing configurations of movements in order to sequence them and ultimately to transform them.

The series „Make yourself an organ“ contains 32 drawings whose arrangement refers to the form of a horizontal tree diagram used by Carl von Linné to determine the animal and plant species in his binomial nomenclature. The draw-ings integrate text – either quotes from the artist’s research or from his own writings – so that the depiction of motions in the image series approaches the formal techniques of scientific drawings, which typically include textual annotation. But in this case, the movements depicted in the drawing seem to question their assigned position. In a perceptive way the texts echoe this challenge by dealing with personal self-assessment and actualisation in a constantly changing environment and society.

The video installations „Rhythmanalysis“ mixes film sequences, in which Timo Herbst deals with the structure and flow of movements in an urban context. The artist uses algorithms to process filmed images of pedestrians in a subway entrance in Tokyo. These algorithms generate a fully new video composition that combines layers of motions, which is then projected onto a static drawing. The complexity of this arrangement contains numerous pieces of information that vividly illustrate the flood of data, that our digital society today owns and utilizes. This elaboration of the complexity and contradictory nature of a situation and its representation is symptomatic of the artist´s work, often realized through the form of expansive installations, such as the drawing „Sundial“ or the 5-channel video installation „Play by Rules“. The work of Timo Herbst offers a possible connection between perception and reflection upon movement and their transfer into one´s own actions.

Vernissage: Friday, 24th July 2020, 7:00 to 10:00 Uhr, in parallel to the opening of the exhibition with Stefan Schiek

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 25th July to Saturday, 22nd August 2020

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