post-title PERSONAL THEATER + CE CERTAIN REGARD | Galerie Z22 | 01.10.-07.11.2018

PERSONAL THEATER + CE CERTAIN REGARD | Galerie Z22 | 01.10.-07.11.2018

PERSONAL THEATER + CE CERTAIN REGARD | Galerie Z22 | 01.10.-07.11.2018

PERSONAL THEATER + CE CERTAIN REGARD | Galerie Z22 | 01.10.-07.11.2018

until 07.11. | #2213ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 presents from 1st October 2018 the double exhibition PERSONAL THEATER with photographs by Katerina Belkina, Simon Annand and Hardy Brackmann and UN CERTAIN REGARD with photographs by Andreas A. Koch und Frank Massholder.

PERSONAL THEATER explores the boundaries between human identity and role play.

Simon Annand photographs actors in their wardrobe, a physical space for concentration and privacy. He is a silent observer in the countdown of the last 30 minutes before the performance. He shows the actors as human beings in their split between themselves and the role in which they have not yet fully hatched.
Simon Annand (* 1955) lives and works in London. For more than 30 years, Annand has photographed actors in her dressing room in the intimate 30 minutes before the curtain rises.

SIMOND ANNAND, DANIEL CRAIG, 1999, Hahnemühle FINEART, 30 x 20, 10 + 2

Katerina Belkina stages herself in digitally reworked photographs referring to different types of “psycho” types of women in our society. She frees her tableaux of details to filter out the essence of the individual. Her art is her own personal theater, with which she razor-sharply points out the loneliness and isolation of the person lost in a materialized world.
Katerina Belkina (* 1974) from Samara, Russia, studied art and photography. Several times awarded u.a. Lukas Cranach Prize 2015 and Hasselblad Masters 2016.

KATERINA BELKINA, 11 MILLILITER PER MINUTE, 2018, c-print, 100 x 100, 7 + 2 AP

Hardy Brackmann finds in his recordings of celebrities the exact moment between pose and authenticity. Above all, Brackmann senses “celebrities” on the street, non-celebrities who celebrate their own “personal theater”.
Hardy Brackmann (* 1952) is a freelance photographer, realized numerous photo productions STAR, TIME, defining expressive portraits and capturing the right moment on the street.

HARDY BRACKMANN, OTTO SANDER, 1992, 100 x 100, 5 + 2 AP

Andreas A. Koch and Frank Massholder look there and more precisely where you do not expect. With KOCH one can only guess what it might be, with MASSHOLDER the pictures are reminiscent of abstract painting, no wonder … Because during his many studio visits he always looks first at the studio floor and then creates his pictures.

FRANK MASSHOLDER, #FLOOR_no1o sador weinsclucker,
2018, c-print auf AluDibond Butlerfinish, 60 x 60, 10 + 3 AP

ANDREAS A. KOCH, REINIGUNG, 2018, c-print auf ALUDibond, 160 x 160, 3 + 1 AP

Vernissage: Monday, 1 October 2018, 6 pm (PERSONAL THEATER) and 7 pm (UN CERTAIN REGARD)

Exhibition period: Monday, October 1 – Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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Image caption cover: HARDY BRACKMANN, OTTO SANDER, 1992, 100 x 100, 5 + 2 AP

PERSONAL THEATER + CE CERTAIN REGARD – Group Exhibition – Galerie Z22 | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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