post-title Feelings of my Thatched Hut | Gruppenausstellung | Grimmuseum | 19.06.-30.07.2016

Feelings of my Thatched Hut | Gruppenausstellung | Grimmuseum | 19.06.-30.07.2016

Feelings of my Thatched Hut | Gruppenausstellung | Grimmuseum | 19.06.-30.07.2016

Feelings of my Thatched Hut | Gruppenausstellung | Grimmuseum | 19.06.-30.07.2016

until 30.07. | #0580ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum presents from the 19th June 2016 the group exhibition “Feelings of my Thatched Hut” with Fritz Bornstück, Marco Montiel-Soto, Janes Schmallenberg, Ulrika Segerberg, Ada Van Hoorebeke and Julian Weber, curated by Amelie Wedel.

For the group exhibition Feelings of my Thatched Hut, six artists have been invited to realise new works of painting, installation, sculpture and performance in the Grimmuseum from 19 June – 30 July 2016. The creation of the works shown in Feelings of my Thatched Hut has been characterised by an independence from any binding set theme, allowing the invited artists the space for unpredictable outcomes, spontaneous decisions, coincidence, and an unfettered personal journey.

Since the works are not subordinated to a set theme, they remain independent entities – yet a passionate search for different forms of intensity creates fields of tension between the works. This has emerged in these works in a multitude of ways – subtle and vigorous, real and imaginary, immediate and enigmatic, dedicated and self-mocking. The works are rooted in this world from which they create parallel counter-worlds, whose interrelations are by no means definite, but instable and fragile, and thus provoke a vivid exploration.

Similarly, the exhibition is seeking a setting in which the works can be perceived as self-contained wholes while interrelating as dynamic beings. Driven by this inquiry, Feelings of my Thatched Hut is conceived as both an exhibition and a stage juxtaposed by the divided spatiality of Grimmuseum. Each Saturday the stage will be occupied and activated by the artists and their guests during the Saturday Sessions. The sessions set the tone, generate a rhythm and invite guests to come back to the exhibition time and time again. During opening hours the empty stage serves as a convivial gap, a space to dwell.

Fritz Bornstück, born 1982 in Weilburg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. The protagonists of Bornstück’s paintings are simple everyday objects and junk items animated by the way they are placed in relation to each other and positioned within the painting. They lie, stand, lean, bend and perform a grotesque cabaret. His new paintings show portraits of birds, which again are assembled by the leftovers of man-made cultural trash. Bornstück’s new sound piece Vogelhaus Jazz III, is emitted from bird houses every 15 min.

Marco Montiel-Soto, born 1976 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, lives and works in Berlin. Montiel-Soto’s work examines the adaptability of individual and collective roots that have been shaped in specific cultures. By means of displacement – and with a sense of irony – Montiel-Soto examines how and if these cultural roots are able to survive in new contexts. For the Grimmuseum, Montiel-Soto extends the exhibition space into the front garden by installing a domino hall, which will house a domino tournament during the finissage.

Janes Schmallenberg, born 1988 in Warstein, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. In his figurative paintings, Schmallenberg’s decisions are based on his perceptions and rejections of the internal logic of imagery. The paintings show ecstatic snapshots of occurrences in which figures are thrown into absurd environments. For this exhibition, Schmallenberg presents large-format paintings and a new series of sculptures.

Ulrika Segerberg, born 1976 in Eskilstuna, Sweden, lives and works in Berlin. Segerberg works with objects, paintings, textiles and performances. A communicative relationship is established by contrasting the familiar with the unknown, and the body in relation to the object. She plays with ascribed roles, by changing proportions and experimenting with recycled materials. At Grimmuseum, she will extract elements from existing groups of works and consolidate them in a new collage.

Ada Van Hoorebeke, born 1982 in Kortrijk, Belgium, lives and works in Berlin. Van Hoorebeke works with ceramics, textile and batiks, where she draws on her elaborate handcraft practice with an almost scientific knowledge of dye, in her strongly conceptual approach to art making. At Grimmuseum, Van Hoorebeke presents her new batik series Where Batik Belongs, which she will use as a backdrop for her performance during the Saturday Session with photographer Elisabeth Ida Mulyani and the musicians Eva Van Deuren and Leila Hassan.

Julian Weber, born 1986 in Bockenem, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. The works by choreographer and visual artist Julian Weber, create frameworks for interactions between body, objects and movement. In his new work Sleeper, a 4-hour performative installation, the performers will remain in a state between being awake and asleep after a night of complete physical exhaustion.

Vernissage: Saturday, 18th June 2016, 7 p.m.

Exhibition period: Sunday, 19th June – Saturday, 30th July 2016 (Wed – Sat, 2 – 6 p.m.)

Saturday Sessions: 
25 June, 7 pm | DIY Church #322 – Für die Vögel | Radio show with live concerts and record release with Fritz Bornstück, DJ Schlucht, der Warst, Wilted Woman and Jeff Zeromoon |
09 July, 7 pm | Rostrum | Sewing machine impro by Katrin Plavčak and Ulrika Segerberg
16 July | Live im Museum Batik | Studio Photo with Ada Van Hoorebeke and Elisabeth Ida Mulyani
7 pm | Performance by Eva Van Deuren and Leila Hassan
23 July, 2 – 6 pm | Sleeper by Julian Weber & guests
30 July, 7 pm | Finissage and domino tournament hosted by Marco Montiel-Soto
Thursday Session:
28 July, 8 pm | Seragon Business Band (Janes Schmallenberg, Sebastian Lis, Ufuk Cam)

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Image caption: Lena Hawkins, Bloodletting (Graphic for Feelings of my Thatched Hut), 2016. Courtesy the artist.

Group exhibition Grimmuseum – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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