here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Games with Eternity | Group Exhibition | Grimmuseum | 07.07.-31.07.2018

until 31.07. | #2105ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum currently shows the group exhibition Games with Eternity (Spiele mit der Ewigkeit) with works by twelve artists from Berlin and Seoul, curated by Keumhwa Kim. Group Exhibition with following artists: Carla Cabanas, Andrés Galeano, Ka Hee Jeong, Nam Hoon Kim, Shinae Kim, Yuni Kim, Jenny Michel, Jong Oh, Sophia Pompéry, Euan Williams, Seok Hyun Han, Thomas […]

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Peter Voss-Knude | Think of me as a carol | Grimmuseum | 07.04.-12.05.2018

until 12.05. | #1924ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum shows from 7. April 2018 the exhibition “THINK OF ME AS A CAROL” of the artist Peter Voss-Knude. The exhibition Think of me as a Carol is a continuation of Peter Voss-Knude’s longstanding musical engagement with the Danish defence, and the outcome of his residency at the Grimmuseum. The […]

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Andrea Éva Győri | Audience is Getting Frantic – Approaching Vibration | Grimmuseum | 26.03.-06.05.2017

until 06.05. | #1142ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum presents from 26th March 2017 the exhibition “Audience is Getting Frantic – Approaching Vibration” by the artist Andrea Éva Győri. Andrea Éva Győri’s artistic practice revolves around the connection between the body and the psyche as a reflection of personal and social processes. Themes include sexuality and satisfaction as forms of self-care, and partnerships […]

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Elisa Florenty + Marcel Türkowsky | Inter-passion | Grimmuseum | 05.02.–18.03.2017

until 18.03. | #1035ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum shows from 05th February 2017 the exhibition “Inter-passion” by the artists Elisa Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky. Holding the title of desert warrior, the cactus alters human consciousness, offers moments of contemplation, protects and ornaments shop-windows and waiting rooms, it dances on TV shows, where it also seems to speak Mexican, if not Japanese… As […]

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Marimbondo e Orquídea / Wespe und Orchidee | Grimmuseum | 20.11.-17.12.2016

until 17.12. | #0889ARTatBerlin | Gallery Grimmmuseum shows from 20th November the group exhibition “Marimbondo e Orquídea / Wespe und Orchidee”. Artists | Alexandre Sequeira, Armando Queiroz, Bruna Rafaella Ferrer, Carlos Mélo, Francisco Klinger Carvalho, Jonathas de Andrade, Katerina Valdivia Bruch, Luciana Magno, Márcio Almeida, Martin Juef und Solon Ribeiro. The group exhibition Marimbondo e Orquídea / Wasp and […]

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Chan Sook Choi | Re Move | Grimmuseum | 23.10.-22.11.2016

until 22.11. | #0842ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum shows from 23rd October 2016 the exhibition ” Re Move” by the artist Chan Sook Choi. Grimmuseum is pleased to present the solo exhibition Re move by Chan Sook Choi from 23 October to 12 November 2016. In search of a new relation to the world, surrealists have dreamed of reinventing […]

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Mike Hentz | RECENT SILKSCREENS, FLATWARE AND A RED WALL | Grimmuseum | 11.09.-08.10.2016

untill 08.10. | #0695ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum presents from 11th September 2016 the exhibition RECENT SILKSCREENS, FLATWARE AND A RED WALL by the artist Mike Hentz. Grimmuseum is pleased to present the solo exhibition Recent Silkscreens, Flatware and a Red Wall by Mike Hentz from 11 September to 10 October 2016. The Swiss-American artist Mike Hentz is […]

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Feelings of my Thatched Hut | Gruppenausstellung | Grimmuseum | 19.06.-30.07.2016

until 30.07. | #0580ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum presents from the 19th June 2016 the group exhibition “Feelings of my Thatched Hut” with Fritz Bornstück, Marco Montiel-Soto, Janes Schmallenberg, Ulrika Segerberg, Ada Van Hoorebeke and Julian Weber, curated by Amelie Wedel. For the group exhibition Feelings of my Thatched Hut, six artists have been invited to realise new […]

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