here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Helga Gerken-Grieshaber | galerie gerken | 19.10.-28.11.2018

until 28.11. | #2253ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken shows from 19. October 2018 an exhibition with artworks by the artist Helga Gerken-Grieshaber. Parallel to this, galerie gerken has extended the exhibition A Remix of Aesthetic Forms and their Opposites by the artists Jan Bernstein and Peter Wackernagel at Cella Artis until 28 November 2018. Helga Gerken-Grieshaber`s […]

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Anja Fußbach | CANDY LAND | galerie gerken | 24.08.-10.10.2018

until 10.10. | #2122ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken currently shows the solo exhibition CANDY LAND with works by the artist Anja Fußbach. At the same time, galerie gerken will be showing the exhibition A Remix of Aesthetic Forms and their Opposites by artist Jan Bernstein and Peter Wackernagel at Cella Artis. Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, […]

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Michael Schoenholtz + Barbara Keidel | stein.farbe | galerie gerken | 01.06.-25.07.2018

bis 25.07. | #2053ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken shows since 1st June 2018 the exhibition “stein.farbe”with artworks by the sculptor Michael Schoenholtz and the painter Barbara Keidel. The exhibition stein.farbe presents two established artists, who are a part of the gallery since the opening in 2004. The characteristic curatorial program with its mixture of sculpture and […]

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Best of galerie gerken | Group Exhibition | galerie gerken | 02.03.-23.05.2018

until 23.05. | #1862ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken presents from 2nd March 2018 the group exhibition “Best of galerie gerken” with artworks by 14 artists of the gallery. For the first time a comprehensive overview of the representative artistic positions is to be made possible with the exhibition Best of galerie gerken. On two floors, 14 […]

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natural space | group exhibition | galerie gerken | 08.12.2017–21.02.2018

until 21.02. | #1742ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken presents from 8th Dezember 2017 the group exhibition “natural space” with artworks by six artists. This year’s thematic exhibition is dedicated to the traditional motif of landscape in painting, drawing and graphics, which should provide an insight into the contemporary approach to that genre. Through their works, the […]

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Tegene Kunbi + Werner Pokorny | galerie gerken | 20.10.–30.11.2017

until 30.11. | #1646ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken presents from 20th October 2017 the exhibition by the artists Tegene Kunbi and Werner Pokorny. The abstract paintings by Tegene Kunbi develop their full power out of the tension between plan geometric forms and a complex structure in depth. Layer over layer the intensive color stripes bear witness to the […]

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kinetical patterns | Group exhibition | galerie gerken | 01.09.–12.10.2017

until 12.10. | #1560ARTatBerlin | Galerie gerken shows from 1st September 2017 the group exhibition “kinetical patterns”. For more than 100 years, motion has been a stylistic and content-related characteristic in the field of sculpting. Even though, the extraordinary genre seems to lead a niche existence. This extensive presentation wants to give an insight into the current […]

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Dieter Mammel | Nah und Fern | galerie gerken | 28.04.–08.06.2017

until 08.06. | #1271ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken shows from 28th April 2017 the exhibition “Nah und Fern” by the artist Dieter Mammel. With the solo exhibition “Nah und Fern” the artist Dieter Mammel gives a comprehensive insight into his personal impressions and experiences in interaction with the political events of our time. Escape, search, journey and location of […]

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Armin Göhringer | Stammbaum | Galerie Gerken | 21.10.-01.12.2016

until 01.12. | #0838ARTatBerlin | Gallery Gerken shows from 21st October 2016 the exhibition “Stammbaum” by the artist Armin Göhringer. In archaic grace, Armin Göhringer’s wooden sculptures are fighting for their inner balance : the tree is arranged into heavy blocks, connected by bridges centering and holding them. It is a sounding and trying out […]

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Jan Bernstein + Voré | Figuration – Konstruktion | galerie gerken | 02.09.-13.10.2016

until 13.10. | #0667ARTatBerlin | galerie gerken shows from the 2nd September 2016 an exhibition with  kinetic artworks by Jan Bernstein and statuary by Voré. We would like to cordially invite you to the opening of our next exhibition “Figuration – Konstruktion” of Jan Bernstein and Voré. In mechanical perfection, Jan Bernstein’s kinetic artworks silently perform their day’s work: […]

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