post-title Yoram Roth | Spatial Concepts | CWC Gallery | 28.04.-09.06.2018

Yoram Roth | Spatial Concepts | CWC Gallery | 28.04.-09.06.2018

Yoram Roth | Spatial Concepts | CWC Gallery | 28.04.-09.06.2018

Yoram Roth | Spatial Concepts | CWC Gallery | 28.04.-09.06.2018

until 09.06. | #1969ARTatBerlin | CWC Gallery shows from 28th April the exhibition »Spatial Concepts« by the artist Yoram Roth.

After his last solo exhibition “Personal Disclosure” (2015), Yoram Roth returns with a retrospective exhibition, which opens at the CWC GALLERY on April 27. Under the title “Spatial Concepts”, the Berlin-born photographer shows over 50 works from his latest series “Spatial Concepts” (2017-2018) and from his previous picture cycles “Brutalism” (2016) and “Personal Disclosure” (2014-2015). On the occasion of the exhibition, the photo book “Nudes in Steel” will be published by teNeues Verlag.

Since 2011 Yoram Roth is dedicated to artistic nude photography. In four series, which are summarized as “Nudes in Steel”, he shows men and women whose portraits are produced on different paper and acrylic. By further cropping the images and framing the various elements in steel, they receive several visual layers. This way of presentation not only allows the viewer a multi-perspective reception of the work, but also forms the increasingly strong sculptural approach in Yoram Roth’s works.
With “Spatial Concepts” Yoram Roth enters new territory, because while retaining his individual style of nude photography, the focus is now on complex compositions. Previously in the
Yoram Roth now wants to go beyond this point and give new weight to the meaning of light and exposure in his works. Inspired by the works of Italian avant-garde artists from the 1960s – Lucio Fontana, Agostino Bonalumi and Enrico Castellani (often also called “spatialists”), Roth began to combine photography, plastic art and modern production technologies. Building on his earlier works, he explores what happens to surfaces when light falls on ridges and openings and how to create spaces beyond the typically flat works of art on the wall. The answer lies in his “Spatial Concepts”.

“In my series’Spatial Concepts’ I have tried to combine all these elements. Artistic nude photography follows the tradition of the oldest art forms in the world, from prehistoric Venusj figures to Indian cave paintings, which represent our body in an extremely vulnerable moment and express the ideals of beauty and other human qualities. This series pays homage to the Italian spatialists who saw light in its most basic form and created works that change during the day from sensual to erotic to passionate according to the course of the sun on their specially worked canvases. Even though I can make an infinite number of copies with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, as an artist I decide to make a unique piece, because for me this art form is as unique as a painting, even if the processes are different”. (Yoram Roth, 2018)

About Yoram Roth
Yoram Roth was born in Berlin in 1968 and completed his photography studies at Fordham University in 1990. Although he has photographed his whole life, he only turned to art photography when he left the USA in 2007 and returned to his hometown. In addition to his work as an artist, Yoram Roth collects photography and runs a company in the field of photographic art. Yoram Roth has three sons.

Vernissage: Friday, 27th April 2018

Exhibition period: Saturday, 28th April to Saturday, 09th June 2018

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Image caption: Courtesy by CAMERA WORK © YORAM ROTH, NOEMI AND THE BLUE CLOTH, 2016

Exhibition »Spatial Concepts« – CWC Gallery | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin | ART@Berlin

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  1. Hi Yoram,

    I am going to attend BERLIN on 25th August & I’m looking foword to visit your gallery.
    Please send me some information about the expo’.
    Thank you,
    Regards,Anat Shermistet

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