post-title Yevgeniya Baras | Clocks Deep In Us | 68 projects | 24.10.-17.11.2018

Yevgeniya Baras | Clocks Deep In Us | 68 projects | 24.10.-17.11.2018

Yevgeniya Baras | Clocks Deep In Us | 68 projects | 24.10.-17.11.2018

Yevgeniya Baras | Clocks Deep In Us | 68 projects | 24.10.-17.11.2018

until 17.11. | #2242ARTatBerlin | 68 projects presents from 24th October 2018 the solo exhibition Clocks Deep In Us by the New York Painter Yevgeniya Baras.

The world of fantasy often serves as an escape from reality and its many social, economic and physical limitations. Reality, on the other hand, is often considered desirable in the midst of the illusions of fantasy. However, the two can not always be strictly separated. The paintings by Yevgeniya Baras are porous objects that blur the line between the fantastic and the real and soften the barriers of all stable areas. In these works of art, located between object and image, the material leads a life of its own. Jute, wool, tire rubber, fabric, stones and wood are often physically attached to the surface of the painting and at the same time integrated into it, making it a part of the sitter. Baras’s works refer to seemingly ancient codes that both confirm and refute their narratives. As soon as one thinks to recognize a pattern, it is immediately undermined by repetition and transformation. It is never really attached to a symbol, so that one could ascribe a fixed meaning to it.

ART at Berlin – Courtesy of 68Projects – Yevgeniya Baras

Untitled, Öl auf Leinwand, 2018, 31 x 41 cm

By refusing to use clearly defined symbols and constantly changing them, the works of Yevgeniya Baras become cycles and currents. Their imagery plays with time, realizes ideas through processes, and delineates the boundaries of form, albeit in a slightly rigid way – the forms are merely suggested as if their edges are dancing. Baras’ works make use of a variety of references – from Shiva Lingam’s images, which act as energy symbols, to the abstract corporeality of Elizabeth Murray’s work, the delicate and decorative by Florine Stettheimer, to Forrest Bess’s early visionary works of American Modernism. Baras’ works are corporeal, archaeological and blunt and elevate abstraction to its haptic form, permeating the surfaces of the paintings with cryptic codes that the viewer is challenged to decode.

ART at Berlin _ Courtesy of 68Projects – Yevgeniya Baras _ I
Untitled,  Öl auf Leinwand, 2018, 41 x 31 cm

Yevgeniya Baras is a painter living and working in New York. She holds a BA in Arts and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Science in Education, and a Master of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, from which she also received a postgraduate scholarship. Baras was co-founder and curator of the “Regina Rex Gallery” (2011-2018) and the wandering curator project “Bull and Ram” (2010-2015.) In September 2019, she will present her work in two solo exhibitions in the USA, at Reyes Projects in Detroit, MI, and at the Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in New York, NY. Her work has been exhibited in many institutions and galleries in the United States, including The Landing, Steven Harvey Fine Art, Jeff Bailey Gallery, Nickola Pottinger Gallery, FiveMyles Gallery, Morgan Lehman Gallery and Gavin Brown Enterprise. Her work has also been featured and discussed in several publications, including The Art Forum, LA Times, Art in America, New York Times, Art News, NY Times Review, Huffington Post and NY Magazine.

Opening: Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition period: Wednesday, 24th October – Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Exhibition Yevgeniya Baras – 68 projects | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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